Henny Penny achieves significant reduction in latency and network stability to China with Aryaka ONE

Aryaka®, the leading ‘As-A-Service’ provider of WAN Optimization, Network, Application Delivery and Cloud Network, has announced that Henny Penny, a global leader in food service equipment solutions and the inventor of the first commercial pressure fryer, selected Aryaka’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service to improve collaboration between its global offices.

Headquartered in Eaton, Ohio, Henny Penny has employees in the US and China working closely on product designs. Its employees collaborate extensively with one another on engineering designs. The performance of various applications are critical to the company’s productivity, but with high latency and increased traffic between the China and Ohio locations, the applications were almost unusable.

Prior to Aryaka, the company was using Internet VPN tunnel between the two locations. The network was unstable and suffered up to 5% packet loss, leading to poor application performance. To solve its network issues, Henny Penny considered deploying MPLS circuits and adding an optimization layer on top of that with Riverbed, Silver Peak or Bluecoat.  But the traditional solution came with high CapEx and long deployment times of over 6 months, which was not acceptable to the company.

Aryaka’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service, a cloud-based OpEx service, provided Henny Penny an easy entry point. The solution combines Aryaka’s proprietary WAN Optimization technology with an enterprise-grade, global, private and secure network to significantly enhance application performance as well as end user productivity and experience.

“We were working on new projects with key global customers and were ready to go to market in the APAC region. It was critical for us to get the network stability in place immediately to support these projects,” said Ben Warner, IT Infrastructure Manager at Henny Penny.

“With Aryaka, we were on their global network within a few hours, making it easy for us to deliver on time for these important projects.  The employees felt a night and day difference in the application performance. The solution was much cheaper than having a MPLS circuit between the two locations – forget the WAN Optimization hardware, maintenance or troubleshooting costs.”

Ben Warner, IT Infrastructure Manager at Henny Penny

Henny Penny experienced the following benefits with Aryaka:

  • Up to 6.5X application acceleration
  • Up to 90% compression
  • Up to 10.5 Mbps peak bandwidth savings
  • Up to 80% reduction in TCP connection setup time
  • Latency between US and China reduced from as high as 600 ms to a stable 280 ms
  • Superior ROI compared to the deployment of MPLS and WAN Optimization appliances
  • Quick deployment
  • World-class 24/7 Support

“Once the trial results were out, it was an absolute no-brainer. We received a great deal of positive feedback from our employees” added Warner. “Aryaka has the best support organization that I have worked with in my career. I have been in IT now for close to 20 years, in both managerial and engineering roles, and have worked with many companies. Their support is second to none. You can feel their urgency and determination to resolve customer issues.”

About Henny Penny

Henny Penny continues more than 57 years of innovation that began in Eaton, Ohio, U.S., with the first commercial pressure fryer in 1957. Today, Henny Penny offers a wide range of high quality foodservice equipment designed for easier operation, greater flexibility and lower operating costs. Product lines include pressure and open fryers, combi ovens, rotisseries, holding cabinets, and display merchandisers. These products and complete start-up, service, training and technical support, are available through Henny Penny’s exclusive worldwide distributor network. For more information on the company, visit www.HennyPenny.com.