Managed Firewall

Do you really want to manage firewalls?

Drawbacks of Self-Managed Firewalls

Why not a Self-Managed Firewall?

Fragmented SD-WAN and firewall appliances introduce new attack surfaces, high cost of ownership, and operational complexity. Some organizations devote dedicated internal staff to firewall management - time and resources that could be used more efficiently. Others choose to leverage a 3rd party to manage firewalls to focus internal resources on other business objectives, but still have to deal with multiple touch points.

The Aryaka Difference

Aryaka’s hosted firewall solution on our SD-WAN appliance provides customers the ability to deploy managed firewalls at a global scale as a managed service on a network that performs better than MPLS. Hosting a virtual firewall on an ANAP streamlines deployments, provides a single point of contact and reduces total cost of ownership.

Why Customers Love Aryaka

Network Security Standardization

Reduced risk with standardization of networking and security policies

Integrated Firewall Solution

Eliminate separate firewall appliance and the associated logistics/support

Edge Security Performance

Security embedded at edge improves performance, removing need to backhaul traffic

Network Control Portal

Visibility & control via MyAryaka Portal for networking and hosted virtual firewall

Aryaka's Managed Firewall Solutions

Aryaka Managed Firewall Services provide a consolidated architecture and management platform of 3rd party virtual firewalls hosted on Aryaka’s SD-WAN Appliance portfolio.

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