Hubbell Supercharges Global Application Performance, Visibility and Security by Replacing MPLS with Aryaka Managed SD-WAN + Security

Hubbell Incorporated is an American company that designs, manufactures and sells electrical and electronic products for construction, industrial and utility applications. With more than 100 years in business, global operations and a multi-billion dollar market capitalization, Hubbell continues to focus on growth and innovation in delivering high quality, dependable products.

The Challenge

Hubbell was going through a digital transformation, but their MPLS network was holding back application performance, connectivity to China, UK, India and demanding substantial amounts of time to manage and troubleshoot failover between MPLS and internet backup.Hubbell’s network also had unstable connections within recent corporate acquisitions. Global users were experiencing significant difficulties accessing SAP systems, Azure, file sharing, and network visibility was lacking overall.

“Aryaka has delivered above and beyond our expectations for application performance, security, visibility and support on a cloud-based network. They have freed up our internal IT staff to focus on bigger-picture strategic initiatives to advance our enterprise. ”

Todd Humphrey
VP of Global Infrastructure

The Solution

Matt Hayes and his firm Integrity Communication Services (a TDM, Inc. partner) was integral in connecting Hubbell stakeholders with Aryaka. Once connected, it became clear that Aryaka’s cloud-connectivity solution, global footprint, last-mile services, and strategy to support an aggressive digital transformation plan was superior to what anyone else was offering.

After determining that Aryaka SmartServices, Aryaka’s fully managed SD-WAN solution plus last mile management services, paired with CheckPoint’s hosted and managed firewall, met all the desired requirements, Hubbell deployed Aryaka’s cloud connectivity and security solution to 90+ branch locations worldwide – relying on Aryaka’s much more stable corporate WAN backbone.

Since deployment Hubbell has experienced significant business benefits. User productivity, global application performance and connectivity, and network security and visibility have all increased, while their network TCO and IT staff demands have lessened.

At the end of the day, Aryaka has become an indispensable extension of Hubbell’s in-house team, solving problems in a highly responsive manner that often aren’t even related to Aryaka. Our solution has also enabled Hubbell’s end-users to consume services across Aryaka’s global backbone – for a reliable and optimized path to their critical SAP systems, Azure instance, file sharing, and more.

It quickly became clear that Aryaka was the only provider that could truly deliver on all of Hubbell’s needs. Pairing managed SD-WAN with managed firewall services through one point of contact was a game-changer.

Matt Hayes, President of Integrity Communications Services

Hubbell Results with Aryaka


Deployed Aryaka’s network + security solution across 90+ locations globally


Increased stability, application performance, and network security and visibility