SaaS Sidekicks and how they enhance product value

Remember Batman and Robin?

Of course you do. Every person who’s ever owned a television or read comics most likely knows Batman and Robin. Together, the team solved innumerable cases and successfully got through many close calls against the bad guys.

Batman, however, was always the star of the show. Robin, though crucial to the success of the partnership, always remained out of the spotlight.

It has been much the same with enterprise networking for a long time. Today’s so-called “solutions” solve just a part of the problem, through the basic product. Support, management, visibility, best practices consulting, customization – even basic additional features are all add-ons – paid or otherwise. Product vendors stop short of being true solution providers, and nickel and dime customers for every piece of the solution.

What’s worse, these add-ons aren’t usually that great – since product vendors tend to focus extensively only on equipping Batman (the primary product) with better features, while Robin (enterprise support, visibility and management) tends to lack the attention he needs. As vendors continue to focus on product differentiation and advanced functionality, the truth is that such differentiation, even if achieved, is often short-lived. Customers today are very savvy and easily switch vendors, thanks to the choices in the market. Product differentiation has to be constant and consistent, especially when it comes to networking technologies.

There is a silver lining. Certain vendors have started to understand and appreciate the customer and their requirements for simplicity and improved management. There is an understanding that the customer has limited resources, bigger challenges and a restricted budget – in short, they need to do more with less.

At Aryaka, this is a challenge that we take very seriously. Across the board we focus on customer delight. All of Aryaka’s services include end-to-end WAN and application layer visibility, network management and 24X7X365 customer support, all in a single, no CapEx monthly service. There are no extra or hidden costs for maintenance or software upgrades.

With over 95% customer retention, industry-leading customer satisfaction scores and a truly world class support team serving global customers within their time zone and round the clock, the Aryaka customer support team receives tremendous complements: “The tech support from Aryaka is still above and beyond the best I’ve ever worked with” and “I’m convinced your support organization is populated by robots receiving instructions/delivering at the speed of light.” Our customers today are our biggest brand ambassadors.

The sidekicks have arrived!

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