Happy New Year and Welcome to 2023!

I am so excited to start my first full year here at Aryaka and carve out your place in the SDWAN + SASE world!

What’s new at Aryaka in 2023?

We’ve invested in your success and have built a BDR team dedicated to you.

Here is a message from the director of this BDR team:

“As it stands today the BDR team is made up of two groups, US and EMEA, where we support both channel and direct business. As of now we have a total of 9 BDR’s but, with current hiring plans, we will double that number inside of 60 days. While we currently have reps in the US, based in Dallas, and Germany – we’re excited to be expanding to the UK next month!

All teams, be it direct or channel-driven, are focused on topline business – utilizing various resources and tools in their outreach while making efforts to connect with and qualify prospective leads. We’ll tirelessly work on, shape, and improve our process. This will only help us become more efficient and allow us to educate our prospective clients to the best of our ability. Our goal is simple in that we aim to keep our strategic sales directors busy. As for myself, I could not be happier to be on board. The team is energetic, the tech at Aryaka speaks for itself, and I’m grateful to be surrounded by bright minds while being part of a group that, often times, is the first voice a prospect hears. The majority of my 15-year career was spent in the SaaS arena with IBM, as a Sr. Channel Manager, and Recorded Future where we sold cybersecurity and threat intelligence software. Way back when, in a former life – I was a BDR myself! So, I know what type of motivation, perseverance and attitude it takes to win. I have all the confidence in the world that this team will succeed and I can’t wait to help us get where we’re going!”

Game On!

“We’re ready to help you get your game face on and score your 2023 revenue goals.”

Andrew Morrison
Director of Channel Sales – Pacific Northwest
Aryaka Networks

What Can Aryaka Do For You?

Partners, this is where I need you to call out what we can do for you.

Is it marketing, co-branded events, training, personnel resources or something we have no knowledge of at this point?

What is it that we can do to help strengthen our relationship in the market?

Take Our Aryaka Certified Partner (ACP) Training Program

Every Aryaka partner should be working on having at least one sales certification and one engineer certification from our Aryaka Certified Partner Training Program. This is going to give you the ability to sell Aryaka services and support your future customers in the best way possible.

Aryaka Introduces Global Throttle Program

We’ve launched our Global Throttle Program and are excited to take your partnership with us to the next level!

Please reach out to me to discuss how we can bring your business to a new height with Throttle. In the Throttle program our BDR teams, marketing teams and sales teams all work for you by providing leads, co-selling and co-marketing resources to increase in your SD-WAN + SASE revenue.

Let’s go, PNW partners!