What is Aryaka's SASE

Learn about Aryaka’s approach to SASE, the importance of a single-pass architecture for deploying SASE and how to stay engaged with our lates SASE news and education.

What is Aryaka’s SASE Solution?

As enterprise needs have evolved and security threats have proliferated, traditional providers have responded by stitching together solutions from many different sources. This trend has become costly to maintain with the rise of cloud adoption. The quality of service and support also suffers from games of telephone and finger-pointing, making an already complex networking and security industry even more difficult to navigate.

In this digital climate, Aryaka being a SASE company, their solution embraces digital transformation from a converged network and security standpoint, offering the flexibility to integrate with existing vendors while also consolidating managed service into a stellar single point of contact approach. Our managed SASE service provides global network connectivity and secure access for users and sites to applications and data anywhere. All delivered as a high-performance, scalable and elastic cloud service with integrated lifecycle services and unified management.

The core capabilities of our managed SASE are:

  • High-performance WAN: Aryaka’s FlexCore forms the base for agile and flexible NaaS with integrated and patented SD-WAN technology for optimal connectivity of sites and users, all backed by comprehensive SLAs (full form).
  • Pervasive Security: The internet access provided in this model comes with URL-filtering, content scanning, real-time threat intelligence and cloud firewall with unified policy enforcement across sites, users and devices, all due to its cloud-based service.
  • All-in-one Managed Service: Aryaka offers a true managed SASE service, securely inter-connecting enterprise sites, hybrid workers and cloud workloads.
  • Service management options: Lifecycle services management is tightly integrated with our SASE technology and cloud-based service delivery platform. Customers can benefit from our integrated support and white-glove service or leverage expansive co-management capabilities to simplify service workflows.
  • Choice of service consumption: Aryaka gives you the choice between ready-to-deploy SASE with converged network and security as-a-service and tailoring network and security requirements with the combination of best-of-breed network and security solutions for a seamless migration from an SD-WAN to SASE architecture.
The importance of single-pass architecture and its efficiency with Aryaka

A single-pass architecture is known to be an efficiency and effectiveness-improving component of SASE network security. Essentially, a single-pass architecture functions on the basic idea that network traffic only needs to be inspected once instead of being processed multiple times by different security functions. The benefits of this are the reduction of latency, improvement of performance, and the reduction of resources required to manage and maintain the security infrastructure. This feature is typically implemented through the use of a unified security stack that integrates all of the necessary security functions such as firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, and content filtering into a single platform. The idea is to inspect and process network traffic in real-time without the need for multiple security devices and processes.

The Single-pass architecture is enhanced further through the use of cloud-based infrastructure, which enables the security functions to be dynamically scaled and distributed across multiple locations. This ensures that security infrastructure is always available and responsive, regardless of the volume or location of network traffic.

Single Pass Architecture

Delivering on the promise of unified SASE requires a single-pass architecture. Aryaka is uniquely positioned to provide.

Overall, a single-pass architecture in SASE helps organizations to improve their network security while also reducing the complexity and cost of managing their security infrastructure.

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