Why SASE? Why Now?

Find out why SASE has become such a hot topic and the concurrent trends that make SASE so relevant now and in the future.

Learning Objectives


For its latest cloud market trend report, leading analyst firm Futuriom surveyed nearly 200 qualified enterprise networking...

Why SASE? Why Now?

Enterprises need a new architecture built on proven cloud-first principles which bring together network and network security as-a-service in times of shifting workloads, workforces and expectations. This simple, flexible and secure architecture with constituency across the cloud and with edge control is an outgrowth of the three changes.

Shifting Workloads Shifting Workforces Shifting Expectations
Applications are shifting to the cloud, accessed by any and all devices. Workforces are located anywhere, at home, in the office, or on the go. Employees and partners expect consumer experiences in the workplace.

The consistency of SASE network and application performance, pervasive security across distributed users, devices and applications and seamless support experiences that are delivered as-a-service are the biggest attributes of SASE. For all the inefficient, costly and complex traditional hub-and-spoke architectures that don’t align with a cloud-first world, the core capabilities of SASE are the solution