SASE Certifications

Find out how to become SASE certified and advance your knowledge and skills.

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SASE Certifications

With SASE security solutions creating the need for highly skilled IT professionals responsible for designing, implementing, and managing SASE environments, numerous industry organizations have developed SASE-focused certification programs. These certifications typically cover topics such as cloud security, SD-WAN, network virtualization, and zero-trust security architectures.

One of the most popular SASE certifications is

  • The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP): This certification is offered by (ISC)² and covers cloud security concepts and best practices, including SASE-related topics such as secure access controls and cloud-based security architectures.

These certifications can help IT professionals develop the skills and knowledge required to work with SASE solutions and demonstrate their expertise to employers and customers. As SASE continues to grow in popularity, SASE-focused certifications are likely to become increasingly important for IT professionals working in the networking and security fields.