Smart CDN

Dynamic IP Application Acceleration as-a-Service

Service Overview

Aryaka’s SmartCDN provides superior performance for dynamic IP applications for users worldwide. It leverages Aryaka’s global private Layer 2 network to bypass the congested public internet across the middle-mile, delivering enterprise-grade application delivery to remote employees, partners, and mobile users.

Core Capabilities

Remote Worker Productivity

Aryaka delivers a seamless user experience to customers and remote corporate employees who need to collaborate over voice and video or when using RDP, while decreasing VPN connection setup times.

Protocol Agnostic Optimization

Aryaka’s global private network delivers consistent IP application performance and reduced jitter. This solution is perfect for a variety of use cases including end-to-end encrypted traffic, voice, FTP, and real-time video streams.

Fully Managed Service

Aryaka’s single vendor solution with 24x7x365 support deals with all aspects of the customer’s network. The MyAryaka Cloud Portal offers an end-to-end view into application and network performance.

TCP Optimization

Aryaka’s proprietary TCP Optimization technology includes congestion control algorithms and traffic aggregation intelligence across the network. This enables the most optimal use of network bandwidth to deliver fast application performance even across long distances.


Content Acceleration

SmartCDN - Content Acceleration

Speed up your centrally hosted IP-based applications globally by up to 10x, improving performance significantly for all kinds of application traffic.

Quick Deployment

SmartCDN - Quick Deployment

Deploy the service in a matter of hours by implementing a simple CNAME change.

Always Available

SmartCDN - Always Available

Up to 100% uptime ensures application availability around the world by leveraging Aryaka’s global private network, independent of the unreliable public Internet.

Make Dynamic IP Applications Run Faster Anywhere with Aryaka

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Aryaka SmartCDN as a Service

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