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Overcoming the Top Challenges in
the Airline Industry

Learn how Aryaka Solves the Airline Industry's
Top Challenges

In today's dynamic airline industry, CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs face three critical pain points:

Unmatched Performance & Agility

Network Performance and Reliability

Airlines require robust, high-performance networks to ensure seamless operations and exceptional passenger experiences. Legacy systems often struggle with the high demand, causing frequent downtimes and slow connections.

Simplified Management & Security

Cybersecurity Threats

With increasing cyberattacks, protecting sensitive data, including passenger information and flight operations, is a top priority. Ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date security across a distributed network is a complex challenge.

Enhanced Visibility & Control

Cost and Operational Efficiency

Managing multiple vendors and disparate systems leads to higher costs and operational inefficiencies. Airlines need streamlined solutions that reduce complexity and drive cost savings without compromising performance or security.

Aryaka: Your Solution for a Future-Ready Airline Network

Aryaka addresses these pain points with our Unified SASE as a Service solution:


Enhanced Network
Performance & Reliability

Aryaka's SASE platform is engineered for speed, efficiency, and seamless cloud integration, ensuring your network can handle peak loads and provide uninterrupted service.


Robust Cybersecurity

With Aryaka, gain comprehensive visibility and robust security features to protect your passengers and data. Our unified platform integrates best-in-class security measures to safeguard against evolving cyber threats.


Cost and Operational

Aryaka OnePASS™ consolidates network management, reduces vendor complexity, and streamlines operations, leading to significant cost savings and improved efficiency.

Aryaka OnePASS™
Powering Your Success

Aryaka OnePASS™ sets our SASE solution apart with a single-pass architecture that simplifies network management, streamlines security enforcement, and ensures exceptional performance.

Ready to Take Flight?

“As we continue to rebuild our business, we need a partner that could have an impact on our network and security, limit downtime and interruptions, and give us the flexibility to expand our network and bandwidth with less lead time…”

Rajeev Nair,
General Manager of IT Infrastructure and Security, Cathay Pacific.

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Dive deeper into the specifics of how Aryaka can revolutionize your airline's network infrastructure. Our downloadable PDF highlights:

  • Comprehensive Solutions
    for enhanced network performance, security, and operational efficiency.

  • Detailed Benefits and Features
    of Aryaka OnePASS, including reduced complexity, improved efficiency, and enhanced security posture.

  • Expert Insights
    on how Aryaka stays ahead of evolving challenges.

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