It’s Groundhog Day, Again, for WAN Optimization…It Doesn’t Have to be That Way

Sunday was Groundhog Day. Last week was Riverbed’s quarterly and yearly earnings report. Pretty much the same thing, we think.

Rumors of Steelhead’s death are premature, crowed Jerry Kennelly, co-founder and CEO of Riverbed, during the company’s earnings call. “It’s a good product, a good business.”

Sure it is – for Riverbed. Convincing businesses to keep making repeated purchases of multiple, expensive hardware continues to happen over and over again, like every day is Groundhog Day. Riverbed’s reaping a billion dollars a year at this game.

Is this good for Riverbed’s customers? We don’t think so. We’re wondering why smart business people keep falling into the trap of buying more hardware when the cloud can save them the hassle of deployment, time, and, of course, expense.

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Is this 2014 or are we still back in 2006, when Steelhead started digging into people’s IT pockets? We’re scratching our heads. Because there is a way out.

Many of you are perhaps still searching for new solutions to support your business initiatives, keen for a simple, affordable way to ensure application acceleration, network reliability and performance predictability. You don’t have to buy into the Riverbed game – or (shudder) MPLS, for that matter.

If you’re stuck in a rut and everyday is the same IT Groundhog Day of network and application pain, there is something you can do. Consider Aryaka. We’re happy to help you climb out of the box madness. Take a Free Trial today!

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