Managing Global Networks is No Fairy Tale

Maybe you’ve never associated the IT problems of network managers with Cinderella’s, but having to chase and resolve endless latency and packet loss concerns on the global WAN really keeps the tech folks locked away. They aren’t getting the time to attend the “ball” of more strategic work: planning new innovation, heightening security, boosting Big Data capabilities, chalking Cloud migration strategies, and countless other longer term projects.

Poor network performance dominates the focus of IT managers who could otherwise be improving overall corporate competitiveness. And then of course, there’s that issue of employee productivity…

The Global network’s evil stepsisters: distance and local infrastructure 

Whether you’re a mighty corporation using an MPLS network to connect dozens of branch offices, or a nimble start up expanding globally through the Cloud, performance issues beleaguer IT managers everywhere. If your network was just kept within well-served, local regions, things could stay simple. But, of course today, companies of all sizes need to quickly expand and add branch offices all over the world. Network performance in regions such as China, India, or Brazil can be spotty at best, abysmal at worst. The ‘last mile’ of your corporate WAN is as good as its local infrastructure. Yikes.

Many of today’s solutions… aren’t.

So what are your options when your applications start to lag over the WAN and you face an employee productivity crisis? Customer support?  Good luck with that. MPLS providers are infamous for terrible customer support.

Adding WAN Optimization boxes to your global network infrastructure? Maybe. But this sets you up for a network management disaster. These appliances don’t install themselves and you need to maintain and manage them. They’re also expensive. CIOs are discovering hidden costs associated with WAN optimization appliances with constant refreshing or replacement of the appliance every few years.

When you buy a basic, so-called solution today, you are only solving part of your problem. Support, management, visibility, best practices consulting, customization – even basic additional features — are all add-ons. Unlike true solution providers, vendors nickel and dime customers for every piece of the solution. What’s worse, these add-ons aren’t usually that great. Product vendors focus extensively on equipping the primary product with better features, while enterprise support, visibility and management lack the attention it needs.

Finding the slipper that fits

The cost of network challenges like latency, packet loss and WAN management is not just lost productivity. It also prevents IT organizations from focusing on strategic priorities like security, big data, and innovation. Before IT can be freed up to explore innovation that helps companies stay competitive, they need a global private, headache-free WAN designed end-to-end for agility, efficiency, and speed.

Let Aryaka Be Your Fairy Godmother

As the only software-defined, ultra-optimized, multi-tenant private WAN, delivered as-a-Service, Aryaka solves latency, packet loss, and network management challenges.

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