MPLS is the Past
SD-WAN is the Future

Legacy MPLS Networks Don’t Meet the Needs of Today’s Enterprises
Future-Proof Your Clients’ Business Operations with Global SD-WAN

Capitalize On a $60 Billion Market Opportunity In MPLS Replacement

State of the WAN

Today’s enterprise WAN technology is at least 20 years old. If businesses aren’t chancing it with the public internet, they’re using MPLS for greater security.

Top 3 Concerns with MPLS

  1. Cost
  2. Uptime
  3. Latency

Top 3 Concerns with the Internet

  1. Security
  2. Uptime
  3. Latency

While MPLS takes care of security, it doesn’t perform well across long distances, making latency an issue for global organizations.

MPLS also no longer wins over the public Internet on direct connection to 98% of business applications living in cloud or SaaS environments.

Legacy WANs Aren’t Made for Today’s Global Cloud World

As more businesses migrate applications to the cloud, it’s paramount for WAN managers and IT leaders to understand:

  • How legacy networks fail in a global and cloud-based marketplace
  • The limitations of most regional SD-WAN offerings
  • The need for global SD-WAN to support collaboration across oceans and continents.

Learn Why Global SD-WAN is the Best MPLS Replacement

What IT Leaders Should Look for in a Global SD-WAN Solution

  • Secure, high-performance access to cloud applications
  • WAN optimization
  • Holistic control of the entire network
  • End-to-end multi-layered security functionality
  • Multiple active-active links
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Reduced complexity
  • Zero capex

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