$20B Investment Group Fosun International Ltd. Enables Mobile, Remote Consultants with Aryaka

Fosun International Limited is a $20 billion comprehensive investment group serving one billion customers worldwide in various industries from medical, real estate, tourism, and steel to entertainment, media and more. Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, the conglomerate has locations in over 16 countries and is ranked #371 on the 2020 Forbes Global 2000 List.

The Challenge

When Fosun’s consultants are deployed for various global investment projects, they could be headed to almost any country in the world. Many of these high-value investment projects require Fosun consultants to access the main servers of Fosun’s headquarters in Shanghai, primarily to manage and process critical documents.

The Solution

Prior to deploying Aryaka, Fosun was deploying their own global fixed content servers and end-to-end cable. For their remote consultants, access to critical applications was slow and inconsistent. After considering various CDN solutions, Fosun ultimately
selected Aryaka SmartCDN because it isn’t like other traditional CDN solutions. Rather than storing content, Aryaka SmartCDN leverages the Aryaka private Layer 2 network to accelerate content delivery by increasing application performance and reducing jitter for end-to-end encrypted traffic, voice, FTP and real-time video streams. After deploying Aryaka SmartCDN, Fosun’s globally distributed consultants saw a 30% increase in application performance, improving their productivity and efficiency as a team.

Core Latency

Traditional methods could not solve our network problems. Aryaka perfectly solves our issue by providing a LAN-like network performance for our global, remote employees.

IT Department, Fosun

Fosun Results with Aryaka

Applications accelerated by 30%

Applications accelerated
by 30%

Applications accelerated by 30%

Increased team