This multi-billion dollar global manufacturing company is a U.S. provider of products and systems involved in the semiconductor device fabrication process.

The Challenge

This company was already operating 50+ sites globally with an MPLS backbone, and in the summer of 2022, they finalized a major acquisition which included 30 more locations.

Their existing MPLS + IP VPN network infrastructure was too costly to continue to maintain. The customer needed to reduce its hardware footprint across all sites, improve agility, move to SASE architecture and offload management including last mile circuits.

The Solution

Aryaka implemented a proof-of-concept for the customer to compare the performance of Aryaka’s core network across physical sites in China, southeast Asia and the U.S. versus their existing MPLS network, as well as potential solutions from CATO and Velocloud.

The performance test for Aryaka’s converged network and security (SD-WAN and SASE) managed offering included:

  • Response times, download speeds, private access (VPNaaS), and Checkpoint Firewall
  • Packet loss, jitter, channel rate and frame rate for voice/video
  • Key applications such as Office 365, Solidworks, CamLine, and more versus MPLS baseline

The customer experienced immediate positive impact after deploying Aryaka – performing as good or better in all test cases versus their existing MPLS network.

You guys went above and beyond what we asked for during the POC

– Senior Director IT

Aryaka was the only vendor able to deliver all of the following:


Full management of service and last mile circuits


Replace MPLS and remove Riverbed hardware


Maximum agility to turn up services and make configuration changes

24x7x365 Service

Revenue focused contract to allow maximum flexibility to turn up and down services
This customer was able to reduce cost and time spent, improve performance, and increase flexibility and agility across their global footprint by adopting Aryaka’s unified SASE solution.

Adopting Aryaka’s platform also helped ensure the acquisition process went smoothly and efficiently to increase their global footprint of sites by more than 50%.

Single-pane-of-glass Global Orchestration

Faster and easier to turn up and down services across all locations

Single-pane-of-glass Global Orchestration

Removal and replacement of MPLS and costly hardware

24x7x365 Service

Migration to a fully unified SASE environment managed with best-in-class service