Kleinfelder Deploys Aryaka Regional Solution to Improve Application Performance and Provide Flexibility to 70+ U.S. Sites

Kleinfelder Founded in 1961, Kleinfelder is an integrated, multi-disciplinary engineering firm headquartered in North America, with a strong presence in Australia. The company serves both the public and private sector working on a diverse range of projects from designing roads and bridges to environmental remediation to construction of airports.

The Challenge

Kleinfelder first turned to Aryaka after evaluating their MPLS architecture and determining they needed more from their network – more speed from their network and more visibility into their network. Aryaka delivered on both fronts and all at a lower cost. By displacing their MPLS network, including all the expensive optimization hardware and high cost MPLS circuits that came along with it, and deploying Aryaka, Kleinfelder not only improved application performance across their 60+ offices, but also saved an estimated $1M annually.

But business is dynamic and ever changing. As Kleinfelder’s business evolved, so did their IT requirements and goals. In transitioning away from physical data centers and moving all data into Microsoft Azure, Kleinfelder needed roughly 2-3X additional subscribed bandwidth for their growing number of U.S.-based sites.

The Solution

During their due diligence, Kleinfelder considered a DIY approach to managing their network in which they would own the equipment, but a third-party would provide management. This option, however, would require additional IT staff with no guaranteed SLAs. Another vendor proposed managed services, but via a Layer-3 network in which the SLAs and visibility offered were not competitive with Aryaka.

Ultimately, Kleinfelder determined that the Aryaka SmartServices regional offering provided the best solution: a managed service for ease of use and guaranteed SLAs for optimal application performance. After deploying Aryaka’s regional offering that increased their bandwidth, Kleinfelder has seen a marked improvement in application performance. But even more critical for a company that has grown through acquisition, Aryaka provides Kleinfelder with complete flexibility. With no fixed bandwidth per site combined with bursting across connections based on dynamic application requirements, Aryaka’s solution adapts to Kleinfelder’s needs, ensuring reliable performance at an always predictable cost.

As Bill Corley, Kleinfelder’s Vice President of IT, explains, this flexibility is critical: “As Kleinfelder grows, we’ll likely end up with more sites and bandwidth in the future, but the path won’t be linear – we’ll need to add some sites, close other sites and add some more. We really needed a vendor that would allow us the flexibility to do that and Aryaka delivered.”

The technical team has been great to work with. Whenever we have an issue and need assistance troubleshooting or figuring out a particular traffic flow, the folks at Aryaka have stepped in – even if the issue may lie with the carriers – and help us solve the issue.

– Bill Corley
Vice President of IT, Kleinfelder

Kleinfelder Results with Aryaka

network performance

Faster, reliable network performance

5-10X Increase in subscribed bandwidth per office

5-10X Increase in subscribed bandwidth per office