Transportation and Logistics Provider Accelerates UCaaS Solution by Up to 20X with Aryaka


UCaaS serviceUCaaS (Unified Communications as-a-Service) is expected to reach $167.1 billion in market size by 2025. As a single integrated solution for all things collaboration, from email and video conferencing to file sharing and directory services, UCaaS has become an essential tool for global enterprises. Replacing on-prem UC with UCaaS, however, comes with a condition: it’s only as good as the network it’s delivered upon. A well-performing UCaaS service can mean better collaboration and improved productivity for a company, while dropped calls, distorted video and slow-to-send files can result in the opposite. UCaaS solutions are especially prone to packet loss, latency and jitter – the public internet can’t support UCaaS performance and purchasing private circuits can be prohibitively expensive. Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN solution, however, was built for a cloud-first world. Our cloud-native private network provides enterprise-grade connectivity enabling reliable UCaaS performance globally.

The Challenge

When a US-based transportation and logistics company initiated a company-wide digital transformation project, improving
the performance of 8×8, their UCaaS solution, was key to the first phase of their plan. In order to address this issue, as well as
futureproof their network for future cloud-based and SaaS application deployments, the company needed to transform their core on-premises network.

The Solution

After deploying Aryaka SmartConnect, the company experienced major improvements in their 8×8 traffic, including:

  1. 93% data reduction and an increase in application performance by up to 20X. The figure below shows the data between Amsterdam and Ashburn, Virginia.
  2. Packet loss decreased to almost 0%!
    8x8 packet
  3. Stable core latency between Amsterdam and Ashburn, Virginia.
    8x8 packet
  4. The TCP Connection set up time immediately increased to 8X faster over the Aryaka core network. The time spent setting up the transport connection and is much higher over the internet as it is not a dedicated medium. With Aryaka’s optimization technology, the transport layer is always available for the packet to move securely over the core. For example: an 8-second
    process over the internet decreases to a one-second process with Aryaka.
    TCP Connection

How It Works: Aryaka and 8×8

Aryaka implements connectivity to 8×8 datacenters (DC) using its Virtual Office (VO) implementation. It creates 5 VOs on its
backend and each customer site belonging to Aryaka is mapped to a region, connects to a VO and is used to access 8×8 for that
region. The customer site is mapped based on the POP to which it connects. The following table provides a mapping of the Aryaka
customer site POPs and regions:

aryaka PoP

8×8 provides the public IP subnets to Aryaka, which is hosted in their DCs. The traffic to 8×8 GTM/DNS server IP address is routed over the regional VO. 8×8 maintains a mapping of the Aryaka pubic subnets to that region, so that when endpoints register via Aryaka, they are redirected to the services hosted in that region.

The following diagram provides a high-level overview of the solution architecture. It is important to note that Aryaka connects the customer location to the closest 8×8 DC.

aryaka private network

Aryaka Key Results

aryaka key results