This case study of Zaha Hadid Architects is based on a June 2021 survey of Aryaka Networks customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Our Hong Kong office is now able to work much more effectively with the UK office, whereas this was not possible at all due to performance before Aryaka.”

“Our users regularly deal with large files that when accessed on-demand monopolize the link and are slow to open. Aryaka has greatly alleviated this.”

The Challenge

Prior to deploying Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN solution, Zaha Hadid Architects was experiencing the following issues with their site-to-site VPN:

  • Slow application performance
Use Case

The company evaluated and selected Aryaka to solve the following:


After deploying Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN solution, the company experience:

  • Accelerated application performance globally
  • Increased productivity among end-users
  • Improved collaboration among end-users
  • Stable, reliable connectivity for end-users globally, including previously problematic regions

Additionally, the IT organization experienced the following benefits:

  • Estimated 25-50% in time savings since deploying Aryaka
  • Ability to support 25% more end-users thanks to the flexibility of Aryaka’s bandwidth
  • Network cost savings, including:
    • Transport costs (MPLS, cloud, etc.) decreased by 25-50%
    • Time spent on incident resolution decreased by 25-50%