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Non-Profit Organization Partners

We are proud to announce that Aryaka’s focus for corporate social responsibility is underrepresented groups, including minorities and women. Diversity is a very important aspect for Aryaka, and we look to support this through our quarterly donations and volunteer events in Germany, India and the US. In India, we are partnering with organizations with a focus on providing tuition reimbursement, community health and educational support for schools in rural areas. We are also holding bi-annual donation drives in the US where we are matching employee donations.

Anahata United Efforts

Helping with the education and mentorship of kids in grade 8, 9 and 10.

Dream School

Supporting children through financial scholarship, mentorship and more,


Supporting education for less privileged children.

Lila poonawalla

Creating women leaders for organizations a society at large.

Shanti Bhavan
Children's Project

A residential school exclusively for children born into india's lowest socioeconomic class.

Telerad Foundation

Providing high quality healthcare accessible and affordable to people everywhere.

House Photos from Events

Kushii Foundation Bangalore Office Visit

We had the school children from the kushii foundation visit our office on march 1st 2023. The kushii foundation works to keep children in school through various interventions.

The aryaka culture and fun committee organized the following

  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Fun games, including blind-folded drawing , chess, yoga, communication games, etc.
  • Return gifts - a kit which will be usefull for their upcoming examinations.
  • Snacks for their return journey.
  • Bus Pick-up and dropp-off for the children.