Get SASE in 15 is a series of talks on everything SASE and beyond.

About this series

These 15-minute webcasts provide fresh insights into the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market, SASE’s impact on existing network and security markets, and dive into the pros and cons of the different SASE implementation approaches.

Teradyne Case Study

NEW - Get SASE in 15: What are the differences between Unified SASE and Multi-Vendor SASE?

You have heard about SASE. However, with several variations, not all SASE solutions are alike…more

Teradyne Case Study

Get SASE in 15: Why so many definitions of Zero Trust?

Where to start with Zero Trust? Organizations have way too many assets to protect, and …more

Teradyne Case Study

Get SASE in 15: Benefits of Converging Network and Security

Do more with less and learn how to accomplish the impossible. Tune in to understand …more

2023 Network Transformation Survey Results

CIOs, CISOs and IT leaders were surveyed regarding the evolving market of network & security. Find out what they are saying about network spending, SASE, and hybrid workplace trends.