Webinar Overview

As enterprises undergo digital transformation and consume greater numbers of SaaS-based applications – often from multiple cloud service providers – IT teams have become burdened with increasingly complex networks and higher security risk profiles in the face of finite WAN management resources. In response, enterprises are looking to managed service providers, telcos and vendors to rearchitect their legacy WAN infrastructure with SD-WAN, change capex to opex, and introduce new flexibilities.

Enter SD-WAN as-a-Service, which enables IT teams to achieve opex efficiencies and to gain a global and regional SD-WAN infrastructure that they can have securely managed or co-managed to meet the new WAN demands that digital transformation presents.

Moving forward, enterprises will increasingly demand SD-WAN as-a-Service as they begin to focus on connectivity for edge computing and continue to pursue a multi-cloud approach.

In this webinar, experts from IHS Markit and Aryaka are joined by Amplexor, an Aryaka customer, to discuss discuss SD-WAN’s ability to enable a cloud consumption model with increased security and flexibility.

Key Topics for Discussion

  • Learn about top SD-WAN, enterprise edge and multi-cloud drivers
  • Understand SD-WAN DIY deployment complexities
  • Gain insight into SD-WAN’s ability to enable a cloud consumption model
  • Learn how SD-WAN can be utilized to provide a more secure global and regional network infrastructure
  • Hear about successful enterprise SD-WAN as-a-Service deployments
  • Hear directly from Aryaka customer Amplexor on how they successfully deployed SD-WAN

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Clifford Grossner

Clifford Grossner
Ph.D., Executive Director Research & Technology Fellow, Cloud and Data Center Research Practice, IHS Markit | Technology, now a part of Informa Tech

David Ginsburg

David Ginsburg
Vice President Product and Solutions Marketing, Aryaka Networks, Inc.

Bruno Stuart-Torrie

Bruno Stuart-Torrie
IT Application and Support Director, Amplexor

Allen Tatara

Allen Tatara
Senior Manager, Webinar Events, IHS Markit | Technology, now a part of Informa Tech (Moderator)

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