Leading international producer of disposable personal hygiene solutions chooses Aryaka’s flagship WAN as-a-Service over legacy MPLS technologies

Aryaka®, the leading WAN as-a-Service company, announced today that Ontex (EURONEXT BRUSSELS: ONTEX), the leading global producer of disposable personal hygiene solutions, has deployed Aryaka’s software-defined, optimized, private WAN as-a-Service, so as to achieve enterprise-grade connectivity and address application performance concerns between their branch offices.
Prior to deploying Aryaka, Ontex was facing significant latency issues between their offices in Belgium, Europe and Yangzhou, China. Due to high, unreliable latency and congestion-based packet loss over the IP VPN link, application performance and end user experience remained poor. Key applications including their financial reporting system, Outlook and Sharepoint took hours to load, and some of them even timed out. Voice and video traffic suffered. This resulted in employee frustration and lost productivity.

Ontex was considering MPLS as an alternative, however, they quickly realized some of the downsides. Legacy MPLS lacked the agility that Ontex would require for their future expansion plans. With MPLS, deployment typically takes 60-90 days, and bandwidth scalability is an issue.

Ontex’s forward-thinking IT team decided to trial Aryaka’s cloud-delivered WAN as-a-Service between their Belgium and China sites. They were pleasantly surprised with the extremely fluent installation and configuration process, quick support and service delivery response times, and the speed of deployment, in general. Through Aryaka’s proprietary and patented, globally distributed optimization platform, built over a next-generation, software-defined, multi-tenant private network, Ontex observed phenomenal improvements in latency and application performance. Productivity applications were now loading up to 17 times faster.

Ontex experienced the following benefits by deploying Aryaka:

  • Up to 17x faster application performance
  • Up to 98% compression across all applications
  • Up to 12 Mbps peak bandwidth savings
  • Incredibly quick deployment timelines
  • Truly world-class support and expertise

“We were relying on IP VPN links to connect our Belgium and China offices, but the latency was killing us, and application performance was frustrating. We deployed Aryaka because they were able to deliver instant, business-grade connectivity and resolve the application performance problems between our international sites,” said Jurgen De Wolf, Group ICT Operations Manager at Ontex. “I have some experience working with traditional telecom companies worldwide, and Aryaka’s agility, in general, has definitely been one of the most impressive factors that sets them apart from other WAN providers.”

About Ontex
Ontex (EURONEXT BRUSSELS: ONTEX) is an international producer of disposable personal hygiene solutions for babies, women and adults. Their high-performance, best-value products are distributed in more than 100 countries through leading retail partner brands, as well as under their own brands, across several distribution channels, such as retail trade, care institutions and pharmacies. Ontex is Europe’s leading manufacturer of retailer branded hygienic disposable products.

About Aryaka
Aryaka is transforming how global enterprises connect sites and users worldwide, and use mission-critical applications to support modern business execution demands. Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN combines a purpose-built private network, SD-WAN, optimization and acceleration techniques, connectivity to cloud platforms, and network visibility in a single solution that is delivered as a service.

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