The Hybrid Workplace
Choosing the Right VPN

A Fully Managed VPN-as-a-Service
vs Traditional and Cloud-Only VPNs

The hybrid workplace is here to stay.

According to latest survey studies, “48% of employees will work remotely at least some of the time in the post pandemic world”.

What does this mean to your organization? Why isn’t your traditional enterprise VPN able to accommodate the new remote workforce? And why the cloud VPN is not the answer.

The Traditional Enterprise VPN

The traditional enterprise VPN was optimized to provide optimal access to on-premises applications and backhaul cloud-based network traffic. The problem is with today’s dynamic and distributed cloud environment the performance and security of these traditional enterprise VPNs have failed to keep pace with the modern workforce.

The Cloud VPN

Then there are Cloud VPNs—better known as the cloud only VPN. The cloud only VPN model rocks if the internet connectivity always remains predictable and stable enough to provide a pristine user experience. With the splurge of users over the past two years and some of the remote workers internet connections, can companies truly rely on this model?

Fully Managed VPN-as-a-Service (VPNaaS)

If you are looking for the best access VPN for the enterprise, then it’s time to consider the Fully Managed VPNaaS option. Built around a global mesh of secure Point-of-Presences (PoPs), this next generation secure network architecture, enables rapid scaling to support any number of global end-users. In addition, it relieves IT teams from the bane of setting up regional hubs or VPN concentrators.

Why Customer’s Love Aryaka’s VPNaaS

Predictability of the application experience and performance

An intuitive central management interface for VPN deployment and management

Advanced flexibility and scalability to accommodate a global hybrid workforce

Unified SASE--the true convergence of network and security intelligence

Aryaka VPN Solution for Enterprises

Aryaka Private Access is built from the ground up with the right mix of all technologies that you need to support a hybrid Workforce - irrespective of their location, device, or their hosting model (on-premise, cloud, hybrid). The flexible consumption model also lets users dynamically relocate their subscribed bandwidth between cloud instances, branches, and remote users. Think of the branch offices, HQ, and remote workers as a single unified entity.

Get a free network consultation to see how Aryaka’s VPN can help you meet the business objectives of your hybrid workforce without sacrificing security, performance, or flexibility.