Aryaka’s HybridWAN feature allows customers to deliver optimal business-critical application performance while reducing overall connectivity costs by leveraging public internet connectivity for non-critical applications or as a backup. HybridWAN delivers on this optimal balance in an easy-to-deploy manner as a built-in capability in Aryaka’s ANAP (Aryaka Network Access Point).

HybridWAN is built around the core Aryaka architectural principles of connectivity, security, cloud optimization, application acceleration and management.

HybridWAN provides connectivity by leveraging the following paths:

  • The high-performance Global Aryaka SmartConnect Network subscribed bandwidth path (SBW)
  • MPLS path
  • The public internet path

This allows Aryaka customers to get fully deterministic performance over SmartConnect SBW leveraging the Aryaka Global L2 core network, while also benefitting from using Internet connectivity directly for non-business-critical applications.

Furthermore, the existing brownfield environment with MPLS is completely integrated into the solution, providing continuity as well as an optimal foundation for migration as soon as enterprises feel they are ready to abandon their MPLS legacy.

The SmartConnect SBW path provides the industry-leading capabilities of the Aryaka solution for business-critical applications, both on-premises and cloud-based: fully deterministic support for 5 Classes of Service (CoS), full application visibility and application optimization capabilities.

The internet path can provide an IPSec-encrypted VPN-tunnel to remote sites across the public Internet. This primarily provides a path for lower priority business applications that do not require strict SLAs. The Internet VPN-tunnel can also provide a backup communication path in the unlikely case that the primary path via SmartConnect degrades or fails.

The local breakout to the public Internet option typically serves the purpose of connecting to consumer-grade cloud-based applications (i.e. Facebook, Youtube, etc).

The MPLS path provides direct connectivity to an MPLS CE (customer edge) router. This provides full integration of the ANAP into the legacy MPLS customer environment, providing both continuity as well as a smooth migration strategy whenever enterprises decide they are ready to migrate away from MPLS.

Simple intent-based policies govern the path selection. Customers can easily customize the policies and path selection between Aryaka SmartConnect, MPLS and the public internet in a very flexible manner. Security is provided by the Zones stateful firewall capability that is also integrated into the ANAP.



Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by using the internet for non-business critical applications


Optimize regional connectivity by leveraging the internet when local Internet connectivity is preferable compared to transit through Aryaka PoP


Complete, immediate end-to-end visibility into application performance for any traffic path


Full integration in MPLS legacy environment and ease of migration


Tailored path selection to deliver on application performance


Consolidate regional VPN solutions with global internet connectivity

Aryaka’s HybridWAN represents a powerful capability that is embedded into the ANAP branch edge platform and allows enterprises to take optimal advantage of multiple paths to both the Aryaka SmartConnect Global Core network, MPLS and the public Internet. It delivers on the core Aryaka value proposition of delivering deployment simplicity, allowing its customers to effectively exploit all available connectivity choices and ensuring optimal application performance.

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