Why Customers Love Aryaka

Our customers and their expectations are as diverse as their businesses, and so are the reasons why they choose Aryaka.
One thing they all have in common:, they are delighted with their decision to work with us.

Regularly Top Rated by Customers in Gartner's Voice of the Customer Surveys!

For years Aryaka has consistently been among the highest rated vendors in the industry, in peer review surveys conducted annually by Gartner. This is consistently demonstrated across all geographies. Aryaka is the only technology vendor that delivers a fully managed service offering, making these responses from customers even more meaningful.

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Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice
Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice
Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice

“All-in-One” Integrated Experience for SD-WAN and SASE:

Bringing Together Technology, Global Backbone and Managed Services

The traditional approach of Enterprise customers to buying technology from one vendor, and working with Telcos, Carriers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and System Integrators to make it into a consumable offering often results in lengthy deployment times, complex contracts and cumbersome troubleshooting with finger pointing when things go wrong. All this hinders agility and results in a sub-par experience. This problem gets compounded during global deployments.

Aryakas unique and most modern approach brings together its proprietary network and security technologies, a global network, a multi-cloud POP-based architecture and a flexible managed service offering to provide customers with a seamless, integrated experience with full accountability!

Customer Support and Service that Goes ‘Above and Beyond’

Some see Aryaka as a technology provider and others as a service provider, but the real emphasis is on the quality of the experience customers have with Aryaka and how Aryaka's service enables them to run their business seamlessly. Aryaka has 24x7 global NOCs, support and monitoring capabilities that are relentlessly focused on customer experience – we're not just shipping another box and tossing it over the fence for someone to manage. While Aryaka has always been known for its high touch, white glove service offerings for high-performance environments, its introduction of SmartConnect EZ now allows Aryaka to extend support and service offerings to even lower levels. This flexibility and associated breadth of offering, also makes Aryaka particularly attractive to those customers seeking a cost-effective and reliable transition from their traditional MPLS and Internet deployments for non-critical sites and applications.

Customers value this flexibility and reward it with high Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and public endorsements.

"Aryaka support? In one word: awesome! I don’t know where you get the people, but I have never met people who work that diligently, are dedicated and quick. And also, they think with the customer. We don’t have to specify what we want. If we explain what we want to do, they think with us to come up with a solution."

John DeBella, Infrastructure Manager, Premium Sound Solutions

A Cloud-First Architecture for SD-WAN and SASE that Delivers Simplicity, Ease-of-Use and Architectural Flexibility

CEOs and CIOs are dealing with an unprecedented pace of change and uncertainty today, further accelerated by the pandemic. The shift of applications to cloud and hybrid environments, workforce shifts and hybrid workplaces, and the consumerization of the enterprise all require the technology stack to be significantly flexible and to rapidly adapt to changing business needs. Traditional MPLS networks, complexity of traditional box stacking, multiple parallel architectures, and old-fashioned response times from Telcos are all being thrown out the window.

Aryaka’s cloud-first approach to SD-WAN and SASE is built to deal with change with an integrated architecture that is adaptable to these needs. Changes in business needs can be accommodated in real-time in most cases with a service change that is accomplished gracefully and with minimal disruption. Simplicity, ease-of-use and ability to consume and change as needed are all the hallmarks of Aryaka’s cloud-first approach.

Best-in-Class “LAN-like” Application Experience Across the WAN, with global 5 X 9 SLAs!

Delivering a LAN-like experience across the WAN for a variety of applications is a challenge for even the largest Telcos. Doing it globally in a consistent manner while delivering 99.999% SLAs is even more of a herculean task. With its global L2/L3 Private Core, patented WAN optimization and app & link assurance technologies, proactive monitoring and 24X7 managed service, Aryaka excels in giving every application the kind of network performance experience it deserves.

Over Public Internet

Over Aryaka Global Core Network

"Traditional methods could not solve our network problems. Aryaka perfectly solves our issue by providing a LAN-like network performance for our global, remote employees."

IT Department, Fosun

Incredible Global Connectivity (including China) with our mesh of POPs

Aryaka’s mesh of points of presence (POPs), powered by Aryakas FleXcoreTM, a dual L2 and L3 private backbone, provides unprecedented global reach with the highest degree of application performance predictability and availability with SLA-backed services delivery. Aryaka can service users and workers across all business sites, homes and mobile locations giving them the resilient connectivity, reliable security and superior application experience that makes it easy to collaborate and be productive from anywhere in the world, including large markets and manufacturing hubs like China!

"After deploying Aryaka, the IT issues have simply disappeared in China and the increase of speed [of our applications] is about 2X faster.”

Miguel Palmela,
IT Manager, Transitos de Extremadura S.A. (Lisboa)

Providing Enterprises with an “AND” approach for SD-WAN and SASE

Enterprises across the globe are pushing their journey to the cloud and modernizing their technology stack, workflows and policies to accelerate their digital transformation. This does not happen overnight, and it is not easy to get this right with all the legacy investments that have been made over several decades. Realizing this, Aryaka makes it easy for enterprises and their partner ecosystem to work with a very flexible architecture and workflows that are designed to intersect no matter where a particular organization is in its journey. This is the power of an “AND” approach versus an “Either/Or” approach.

When IT just works, transformation becomes easier!

"Aryaka just works”

Alex Duncan
Co-Founder and Product Lead, KAWO