Less Complexity, More Performance with our Multi-Segment WAN

Less Complexity, More Performance with our Multi-Segment WAN

Less complexity, more optimal app performance with built-in flexibility and choice for network and security services so you can adapt quickly. And a cloud-centric WAN architecture that has delivered the best and most consistent application performance for over a decade.

There has been much talk about how enterprises are faced with economic uncertainty. And the recent news about layoffs and chatter of a looming recession forces organizations and, consequently, IT to prepare for the future very differently than just a year ago. As the famous saying goes, the only constant in life is change. For IT, this requires a flexible, cloud-centric architecture that can dynamically adapt to changing requirements: adding or consolidating sites, more or fewer remote users, more applications, and workloads hosted in multiple clouds, while some apps will stay on-premises.

An IT architecture that can scale out and scale up (or down) as fast as business needs change. Yet, most organizations don’t start as a greenfield deployment but have made investments in IT infrastructure that, especially in times of economic uncertainty, need to pay for their  useful life. So, each organization is moving at its own pace to migrate from MPLS to alternatives like DIA and/or integrate wireless into the WAN (Telegeography has a blog and podcast on these topics from earlier this year that you may find helpful to revisit). No matter where an organization finds itself on its journey to become more agile and more responsive to business needs, there is one constant expectation: a great user experience. Connecting users, no matter where they work, to applications and workloads, no matter where they reside, and providing a consistent application experience with pervasive security is what enables IT to deliver on that expectation.

This blog focuses on the application performance aspect and how Aryaka provides flexibility and choice for enterprises from the first mile, middle mile, and last mile. For how we provide converged network and security with choice as part of our Unified SASE offering, go to our Zero Trust WAN announcement, Deciphering SASE blog, and Converging Network and Security: The Key to Accelerating Digital Transformation webinar.

Aryaka’s Multi-Segment WAN

Flexibility and choice for every segment to meet enterprises’ needs for optimized performance and cost. Customers have options for connectivity of the first, middle, and last mile.

  • Middle Mile, the Aryaka Flexcore – a Layer 2 and/or Layer 3 Private Core Backbone
  • First Mile – connect to hundreds of IaaS and SaaS/UCaaS via private direct connections and/or IPSec Tunnels
  • Last Mile – connect sites via wired and/or wireless (5G/LTE) options across the globe

All from one single provider with global consistent SLAs removing the complexity and burden of dealing with multiple contracts and vendors with varying SLAs.

Before we cover the options per segment, let me highlight two US patents that have allowed enterprises to enjoy deterministic, consistent performance without the need to deploy inflexible MPLS for over a decade.

  • U.S. Patent Number 9,191,369, titled Application Acceleration as a Service System and Method, details the industry’s first multi-tenant, multi-segment network architecture that allows Aryaka’s customers to connect to the company’s private network using standard L2/L3 links to benefit from cloud-delivered, enterprise-grade connectivity.
  • U.S. Patent Number 8,959,155, titled Data Compression through Redundancy Removal in an Application Acceleration Environment, outlines Aryaka’s proprietary byte-level data deduplication algorithm, termed Advanced Redundancy Removal (ARR™), which uses a unique unanchored compression methodology to accelerate enterprise traffic and improve network throughput dramatically.

Middle Mile

Aryaka FlexCore with Multi-Layered Traffic Steering offers Optimal Choice

Our approach to the middle mile is unique and different from any other vendor. In 2021 we introduced a global, SLA-backed Layer 3 private backbone in addition to our Layer 2 private backbone. We built a cloud-centric architecture that combines a global, dual private core backbone consisting of a layer 2 and layer 3 meshed service fabric, built-in on-ramps to Cloud and SaaS providers, embedded cloud security, on-premises security, and integrated service workflows. All are accessible via a single, cloud-based portal for observability and control of the network and applications. Enterprises can choose a service optimized for performance and optimized for cost from us as a single provider. The Aryaka FlexCore, combined with Aryaka AppAssure and Deep Packet Inspection, allows us to treat every application at every site for every user differently. Coupled with integrated WAN optimization, our patented application acceleration features, application & link assurance technologies, proactive monitoring, and 24X7 managed service, we can give every application the network performance experience it deserves.

First Mile

Multi-Cloud Connectivity Architecture using IPSec Tunnels and Private, Direct Connections.

Aryaka’s cloud connectivity solution caters to the needs of both IaaS as well as SaaS/UCaaS resources. While IaaS connectivity is addressed using private connections or IPSec tunnels, SaaS connectivity and application performance are addressed using a Virtual Office (VO) solution. A VO is just what it implies. Instead of a physical site, it is virtual, handing off traffic from the Aryaka Point-of-Presence (PoP) to the nearest SaaS entry point. A customer’s SaaS traffic thus traverses the Aryaka backbone from the edge to a SaaS co-location point, ensuring optimal application performance.

A note on UCaaS Traffic and Connectivity. Aryaka recognizes and marks UCaaS traffic and steers it optimally and dynamically across internet access links and through the Aryaka core infrastructure, minimizing packet loss and latency and delivering an optimized user experience. For more in-depth guidance, download our multi-cloud connectivity e-book.

Last Mile

Connect with wired or wireless options from enterprise sites to the nearest PoP worldwide

Aryaka’s Last Mile Services ensure reliable, hassle-free last-mile wireline and wireless connections for those seeking an end-to-end connectivity solution managed by one vendor worldwide. It is ideal for enterprises that want to replace or augment their current MPLS-based network with Aryaka’s agile, cloud-first SD-WAN and SASE solutions, including options for last-mile connectivity. Aryaka Last Mile Services simplify contract management and payment processing with hundreds of ISP vendors, while entirely relieving enterprises of basic network responsibilities, including link procurement, deployment, and monitoring, and responding to outages.


No matter where enterprises are on their digital transformation journey, Aryaka’s cloud-centric architecture with choice for reliable, SLA-backed connectivity for each segment of their WAN and choice for converged network and security for a managed SD-WAN and SASE offers the flexibility and adaptability for whatever the economy demands of IT.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our Multi-Segment WAN and Unified SASE solutions.

About the author

Klaus Schwegler
Klaus is a Director of Marketing in Aryaka’s Product and Solution Marketing team. He has over 25 years of experience in the networking, data center, and semiconductor industries with positions held in product and solutions marketing, integrated programs marketing, customer service, and business development. Previous roles included with Equinix, Cisco, Philips Lumileds, Infineon, and Mitsubishi Electronics. He holds a B.SC degree from HfWU Nuertingen-Geislingen in Business Administration - Automotive & Management.