CallisonRTKL, Global Architecture, Planning and Design Firm, Transforms their WAN with Aryaka

CallisonRTKL (CRTKL) is a global architecture, planning and design firm with offices in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The Challenge

Before deploying Aryaka, CallisonRTKL’s wide area network (WAN) was a complicated web of multiple technologies – some MPLS, some IPsec tunnels between offices – mostly due to a previous merger.

“With a lean IT staff, having a consistent platform and being able to deliver the same service everywhere was big, but even more important for us than the performance has been the availability.”

Eric Jones
IT Infrastructure Manager at CRTKL

The Solution

When CRTKL began to re-evaluate their WAN, they had two goals in mind: simplify the network to deliver consistent performance globally as well as consolidate on-premises devices as much as possible by deploying innovative technologies. CRTKL had first leveraged Aryaka to deliver reliable connectivity to their China offices and noticed that if there were any issues, Aryaka would be the first to identify them – even before the ISP – and solve the issue. It was this positive customer support experience that led them to consider Aryaka as the right vendor to enable their strategic WAN transformation.

In expanding their deployment of Aryaka SmartServices, CRTKL was able to reduce costs by cancelling MPLS circuits. More importantly, however, they were able to deliver a global uniform platform that simplified network management. No longer does CRTKL’s lean IT team need to spend hours tracking down and troubleshooting routing issues. Now, the team can refocus their energies on other IT projects – a major benefit for a team that manages the network, servers and storage – with a focus on business results, rather than just hands-on daily operations.

With Aryaka, CRTKL is now experiencing 100% availability. This is especially important for an architecture and design firm that relies heavily on cloud-based file-sharing applications built for collaborating on large file sizes and are highly dependent on consistent network connectivity.

Latency between Hong kong and USA

For CRTKL, another key use of Aryaka’s services has been Aryaka HybridWAN. Because the firm needs to frequently back-up files, they have large amounts of non-mission critical replication traffic. With HybridWAN, CRTKL can prioritize their mission critical traffic over the Aryaka network and send the less important traffic over the public internet.

Aryaka has enabled CallisonRTKL to simplify their WAN infrastructure and reduce costs, while increasing performance and reliability globally.

Deploying Aryaka services in a new location is quick and easy. You can be up
and running in hours without the need for onsite technical staff.

Eric Jones
IT Infrastructure Manager at CRTKL

CallisonRTKL Results with Aryaka

100 percent ailability


1 Unified
Global Network