Hirsch Bedner Associates Improves Application Performance, Boosts End-Users Productivity

Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) is a design firm with 1500 employees across 22 offices globally. They were challenged with unreliable connectivity (particularly in China) and an inability to adopt cloud-based applications.

The Challenge

Prior to deploying Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN solution, Hirsch Bedner Associates was experiencing the following issues with their MPLS + WAN optimization box vendor:

  • Unreliable connectivity to China
  • Inability to adopt cloud-based applications

“With Aryaka, our global applications are faster by 20% and Aryaka accelerated Office365 in China by 1.5X.”

Li Qiang, IT Manager,
Hirsch Bedner Associates

The Solution

The company selected Aryaka to enable multi-cloud connectivity, and to improve connectivity and application performance in China.

After deploying Aryaka, HBA achieved the following results:

  • Accelerated key applications, including Microsoft Office365
  • Increased productivity and collaboration among end-users
  • Stable connectivity for end-users in China, including their remote employees who make up
    over 75% of the company’s workforce in Asia
Additionally, the IT organization saw the following benefits:
  • An estimated time savings of 10-25%
  • Gained the ability to support an estimated 25% more users
  • Positively impacted the network TCO by decreasing hardware costs by up to 50%, decreasing
    software costs by less than 25% and decreasing time spent on incident resolution by 25%


Hirsch Bedner Associates Results with Aryaka

Estimated Time
Savings of 10-25%

Ability to Support
25% More Users

Decreased Hardware
Costs by up to 50%

Software Costs by
Nearly 25%

Decreased Time Spent
on Incident Resolution
by 25%

Stable Connectivity for
End-users in China With
75% Workforce in Asia

*This case study of Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) is based on a July 2021 survey of Aryaka Networks customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.