Mergers and acquisitions can be an effective way for an organization to grow quickly, but they’re never simple and rarely without growing pains. From company culture to processes and tools, there are multiple considerations that organizations must juggle to ensure a successful transition. From a networking perspective, aligning disparate technologies with varying contract end dates and ensuring connectivity at newly acquired sites can be challenging. Multiple Aryaka customers, however, have solved this issue with Aryaka’s cloud-first WAN solution.

The Challenge

When a U.S.-based manufacturer grew through multiple acquisitions, their lean IT organization was faced with the challenge of juggling disparate technologies and multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across the globe. They envisioned building a network with a single provider to simplify operational management.

Additionally, they needed to increase bandwidth costs effectively at the branch to improve application performance. As an early adopter of cloud solutions, the company knew that their existing MPLS network would not be able to support their long-term SaaS strategy.

The Solution

The manufacturer identified SD-WAN as the best fit for their single provider vision. They determined early on that because of the CapEx and OpEx required to build an SD-WAN solution, a DIY approach would not work for their lean IT team. Aryaka SmartServices checked all the right boxes: a managed service, quick deployment timelines and built for the cloud.

Aryaka SmartServices provided predictable, faster application performance across all of the company’s global offices.

 Latency between Irving and Shanghai

Prior to deploying Aryaka, application performance in branch offices wasn’t reliable – particularly Office 365 and Skype for Business. Skype’s performance on their MPLS was best described as a “roll of the dice” – especially for larger meetings. After routing Skype traffic onto Aryaka’s private Layer 2 network, the benefits were immediate: audio was clear, connection reliable and as a result, virtual meetings became more productive.

Inbound optimized traffic
Outbound optimized traffic
Additionally, Aryaka became the manufacturer’s one throat to choke. For a lean IT organization supporting 200+ global locations, this was the most critical benefit to fulfilling the company’s vision of a single network provider. No longer did they need to spend countless hours managing multiple ISP providers in various time zones, while also juggling complicated contracts. Deploying Aryaka removed these operational burdens, simplifying network management and allowing the IT team to pivot their focus on other priorities. Strategically, leaning on Aryaka to manage ISPs also gave the manufacturer the freedom to adopt new technologies more easily without the concern of how it could affect the varying contract termination and start dates of their ISPs.Above all, however, the manufacturing company values Aryaka most for the technical expertise. Time savings aside, Aryaka is a trusted partner that the company can offload tasks to and receive validation from in areas in which they don’t have in-house experts. This frees up the IT organization to become strategic, forward-looking partners to the business.

Results with Aryaka

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100% High Availability

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