Aryaka Improves Remote Employee Productivity by Up to 10x for Global Enterprises

Aryaka Secure Remote Access (SRA, formerly known as Aryaka SmartACCESS), accelerates application performance for remote users without requiring any additional hardware or software clients. The solution has been proven to improve remote user productivity between 2-10x. Below are two case studies of Aryaka customers who have leveraged SRA to successfully enable their remote workforces.

The Challenge : A Top Three Publicly Traded Global Multinational Oil & Gas Company Selects Aryaka for Secure, Reliable Remote User Access

The energy sector giant had a requirement to provide secured access for remote employees accessing corporate resources in different regions. The solution needed to ensure application performance no matter the worker’s region and also have the ability to scale if traffic patterns changed.

The Solution

The company selected Aryaka Secure Remote Access (SRA) to connect employees in far-flung locations. They deployed VPN concentrators homed to ‘origin’ PoPs in Singapore and Houston. Employees can connect to any one of 30+ ‘edge’ PoPs, with traffic transported across Aryaka’s L2 backbone to the selected origin PoP.

A key advantage of Aryaka SRA is the ability to balance loads across regions. For example, employees in China will likely connect to the Singapore origin. However, if there is a sudden influx of telecommuters and the Hong Kong VPN concentrator becomes overloaded, the company can redirect a portion of users to the Houston Region PoP to avoid negatively impacting productivity. Extending this scenario, if the company deployed VPN concentrators in multiple regions, this redirection could take place globally, as depicted below, and the employees would still have an excellent user experience.


The ability to transparently support remote workers, no matter their location, is a product of Aryaka’s SLA-driven global backbone with both network and application optimization. Global latency and jitter is very deterministic, as depicted in the graph below.

Latency between Beijing and Dallas

Aryaka’s service also optimizes application perceived latency, a key component of the application responsiveness. In this case, this perceived responsiveness is increased by up to 10x.

Connection setup time

As part of Aryaka SRA, IT has full visibility into traffic volume and session count, either globally or between pairs of edges and origins.


active connections

The Challenge : Global Food Service Company Selects Aryaka to Replace MPLS Network and Provide High Availability for Large, Global Remote Workforce

In another real-life customer example, a global food service company was searching for an alternative to their expensive and difficult-to maintain MPLS architecture. With the business already spread across six continents and still growing, the company needed a global network agile enough to support that growth. Additionally, their large remote workforce required a solution that could provide stable, reliable access to applications from anywhere in the world.

The Solution

The company selected Aryaka to replace its MPLS architecture, also deploying Aryaka’s Secure Remote Access solution for their remote employees across Europe and Asia. They currently leverage concentrators in London, Amsterdam, Singapore and Hong Kong. Thanks to the reliable access provided by SRA, the company has reported a surge in employee productivity.

Traffic via VPN Concentrators

 active remote connections


Though the primary drivers for each differed, both global enterprises needed an agile solution that would provide reliable connectivity for their remote users around the world. Aryaka Secure Remote Access is a proven solution that accelerates application performance for remote and mobile users no matter their location and can scale to meet an organization’s needs.