Wabtec Supports Global Growth with Faster, More Flexible and Secure Managed SD-WAN Network

Wabtec is a leading global manufacturer of locomotives, freight cars and passenger transit vehicles. Whether it’s freight rail, transit, mining, industrial or marine, their expertise, technologies, and people are accelerating the future of transportation.

The Challenge

Six years ago in 2018, Wabtec’s MPLS network was becoming a roadblock in their growth. The lack of flexibility, performance, and time and cost required to spin up new locations were weighing down their IT team.

Deutsche Telekom (DT) understood the issues they were facing, and proactively presented a solution to their challenges in Aryaka.

The Solution

Aryaka presented a managed SD-WAN solution that leverages a private network backbone and uses the internet as main transport to reduce cost, increase flexibility, and much more quickly bring up new sites vs. MPLS.

In a side-by-side proof of concept test at Wabtec’s most problematic locations, Aryaka delivered superior performance while relieving the management burden on internal staff. The ANAP devices were extremely effective and routinely delivered immediately upon request for new locations, regardless of chip shortages throughout the pandemic.

Working with Aryaka and Deutsche Telekom together makes my life easier. Our network functions more consistently and flexibly than ever, and the support is best in class.


Business Results

In the six years since implementation, Wabtec has steadily increased its bandwidth and overall consumption in services from Aryaka via DT. The convenience of quickly increasing bandwidth on demand with Aryaka’s surrounding bandwidth pools, spinning up a new site in days, doing data backups, and generally freeing up internal staff made Wabtec’s decision to renew in 2023 for 3 more years an easy one.

Wabtec Results with Aryaka


More flexibility including the ability to spin up new sites rapidly


Faster and more consistent performance worldwide for critical applications


Lower TCO


Single pane of glass visibility to the network