To promote the growth and success of our channel partners, avoid any perceived or real channel conflict, and provide a structured approach to pursuing sales opportunities, Aryaka has developed a Channel Partner Deal Registration and Rules of Engagement Policy as set forth below.


  • Channel Partner is required to register all opportunities through the Aryaka Partner Portal:
  • Channel Partner must provide accurate information in all required fields on the registration form including, but not limited to: Channel Partner Name, Master Partner Name, close date, number of sites, Monthly Recurring Revenue, Need – Problem – Goal (scope of deal), customer name & address.
  • Aryaka will review the completed registration form and provide next steps to Channel Partner contact within 1 business day:
    • New Logo – Approval to proceed with new Opportunity.
    • Existing Customer & Shared Prospect – Review by Aryaka Rules of Engagement Team & legal as required, case-by-case approval will be provided or denied.
    • Existing customer partner revenue is protected & will not be considered for partner re-assignment.


  • Channel Partner will facilitate meetings with customer pertinent to the sales engagement in conjunction with Aryaka sales group.
  • Channel Partner must demonstrate account influence with the customer and participate throughout the sales process with Aryaka to ensure full residual compensation; and if deal advancement cannot be demonstrated by the Channel Partner for a period of 90 days from the date of registration acceptance, the deal registration may be revoked by Aryaka.
  • The Master/TSB cannot be updated or changed commencing sixty (60) days from Deal Registration date of the Opportunity. Requests for exceptions must be sent to [email protected] for review by Aryaka.
  • Historical deal registration information is available in the Aryaka Partner Portal:


Under certain circumstances Aryaka may, at its discretion, accept multiple deal registrations for the same customer. Aryaka supports all channel partners equally with full deal parity until the customer chooses the winning direct affiliate or sub-agent.

In highly competitive scenarios, Aryaka may elect to offer a special deal discount/commission related to the opportunity and extend that to all channel partner participants. In instances where a channel partner has substantially positioned an Aryaka solution & driven-brand preference, and other channel partners are enlisted to provide quotes as part of a prospective customer procurement policy or process, Aryaka reserves the right to decline those requests, at its sole discretion, for quote or provide the quotes at list price to maintain the integrity of the deal registration process and business protection for the channel partner who drove the opportunity.