As Enterprises rapidly adopt cloud-based applications and services, direct internet connectivity offered by SDWAN services becomes critically important. Aryaka’s global SD-WAN as a Service provides technologies like SmartLink and WAN Optimization to increase performance over the middle mile and also ensures continuity of service with high levels of performance for the internet last mile. Aryaka’s Last Mile Services ensures reliable, hassle-free last-mile internet connections for those replacing or augmenting MPLS with Aryaka SD-WAN solutions.

Challenges Addressing Last Mile Connectivity

  • Knowledge of regional and local internet services providers
  • Experience managing and negotiating services contracts
  • Expertise in monitoring and upgrading links
  • Assurance of provisioning and compliance
  • Guaranteed rapid response to outages
  • Ability to scale regionally and nationally

Aryaka fully manages the last mile for our SD-WAN customers — procuring and managing the
onsite internet links and resolving issues that might disrupt services, so IT can focus on modernizing

Aryaka Last Mile Services

Aryaka Last Mile Services are an add-on that simplifies contract management and payment processing, while entirely relieving enterprises of basic network responsibilities, including link procurement, deployment and monitoring, and responding to outages. Enterprises rely upon Aryaka Last Mile Services for a truly headachefree global SD-WAN.

Last Mile Procurement and Management

Aryaka Fully Managed Last Mile Services

Here is a glimpse of what enterprises can expect with the Aryaka Last Mile Services for SmartConnect,
Prime or SmartCDN services:

  • Link Procurement – Provide activation planning and procurement of tier-1 broadband services regionally and worldwide.
  • Service Contract Management – A single Aryaka contact point to manage individual contracts across all vendors.
  • Customer support – Work with ISPs as the first point of contact when services are disrupted, to identify root cause, improve link quality, and get you up and running fast.
  • Provisioning and Testing – Co-ordinate the provisioning and activation of the Internet connection (wireline and wireless) with all Internet Service providers (ISPs) globally.
  • 24x7x365 Link Monitoring – Provide around-the-clock monitoring of links, packet loss, and latency to proactively address network concerns.
  • Service Impact Analysis – Produce in-depth analysis of data from link monitoring, degradation in service, and service disruptions to prevent future challenges and outages.
  • Customer Notifications – Send regular updates on service issues, detailed incident reports, monthly summary reports, and insight about upcoming maintenance activities.
  • Maintenance Scheduling – Oversee, coordinate, and review all ISP maintenance activities, planned and un-planned.


Free up IT resources and gain a uniform experience across all sites

Gain dedicated around-the-clock expert link monitoring

Eliminate numerous contracts and simplify accounts payable

Contact one vendor to resolve last mile service issues

About Aryaka

Aryaka, the Cloud-First WAN and SASE company, and a Gartner “Voice of the Customer” leader, makes it easy for enterprises to consume network and network security solutions delivered as-a-service for a variety of modern deployments. Aryaka uniquely combines innovative SD-WAN and security technology with a global network and a managed service approach to offer the industry’s best customer and application experience. The company’s customers include hundreds of global enterprises including several in the Fortune 100.