Real-time communications for global enterprises are often plagued with performance challenges:




Inefficient bandwidth




Packet Loss

These issues are characteristic of using the best-efforts Internet.

For meetings with customers, partners, or just between teams that involve video and audio conferencing, having the right network in place can often make the difference between collaborative success or just another frustrating, counter-productive experience.

Zoom connectivity

Once we put Zoom and Aryaka together, it allowed us to connect our global offices more easily. The world just became much smaller.

Mark Baker, CIO, JAS Forwarding Worldwide

Improve Zoom Conferencing Performance with SmartConnect SD-WAN as a Service

Aryaka’s SmartConnect SD-WAN as a Service delivers predictable application performance for Zoom, offering enhanced productivity and improved collaboration for enterprises with distributed locations. With Aryaka SmartConnect, you get a turnkey, fully-managed global SD-WAN service that delivers predictable performance for any application, anywhere in the world. The solution accelerates all SaaS applications with TCP and WAN optimization, connects to and between multiple cloud platforms, offers a 99.99% end-to-end reliability SLA, and deploys in hours.

SmartConnect Benefits for Zoom Include:

Superior Experience

Quality collaboration sessions using a private network with built-in WAN optimization to minimize jitter, latency, and packet loss.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

QoS for real-time communications: service prioritization, traffic shaping, and bandwidth reservation algorithms.

Non-stop Uptime

Enterprise-grade connectivity to 8×8 data centers, through a private network eliminating service interruptions and dropped calls.

Reliable UCaaS performance

Intelligent last mile optimization ensures Quality of Service to all locations, including those with poor-quality Internet links.

SmartConnect also comes with a virtual cloud gateway where local POPs, within close proximity to SaaS clouds, can act as a client to those ser vices. So if your Zoom service is hosted in Dallas and you have users in Europe, their experience would be much like they were on a corporate LAN connected directly to the Zoom cloud. The Ar yaka POP in Dallas essentially acts as a local client to the Zoom cloud and the global private network would accelerate the application using WAN optimization, providing LAN-speed access.

With Aryaka SmartConnect, you get predictable performance for your SaaS applications, regardless of location. With SmartConnect your workforce will benefit from a superior collaboration experience without the need for MPLS.

About Aryaka

Aryaka, the Cloud-First WAN and SASE company, and a Gartner “Voice of the Customer” leader, makes it easy for enterprises to consume network and network security solutions delivered as-a-service for a variety of modern deployments. Aryaka uniquely combines innovative SD-WAN and security technology with a global network and a managed service approach to offer the industry’s best customer and application experience. The company’s customers include hundreds of global enterprises including several in the Fortune 100.