The manufacturing sector is in the midst of a significant technological transformation.  Internet of things is making factories smarter, and supply chains more agile.

Enterprise productivity applications like Office365 is moving to the cloud, along with customer relationship management software, like salesforce.

Even critical applications like design, and manufacturing execution software, are bound for the cloud.

The wealth of information thus gathered, is being stored, processed, and analyzed in big data analytics systems.

Did you know, data traffic on the enterprise WAN, is expected to increase by over 60 %? Also, that 40% of manufacturing firms, experienced mission-critical application downtime, in the past year!

This problem arises, when the WAN infrastructure is based on legacy technologies like MPLS. These networks are not designed to handle the volume, variety, and velocity of traffic generated in smart factories. Data from Internet Of things, Cloud Applications, and Big Data Analytics can overwhelm the MPLS network, leading to its breakdown.

What you need is a solution built for the cloud, is agile and flexible, yet cost-effective. Aryaka has invested millions of dollars in building an optimized enterprise-grade global network. Now 90% of the world’s business users are only 30 ms away from an Aryaka point of presence.

With Aryaka, branch locations, factories and the head office are connected to the cloud over our low latency layer 2 core network.

Aryaka can identify, segment and accelerate hundreds of SaaS applications like Office365, Salesforce, WebEx and others.

Aryaka also provides out of the box direct connectivity to popular IaaS providers like AWS, Azure and oracle. This direct connectivity ensures that you experience a secure, fast private lane to the cloud.

IoT traffic is segmented and travels through Aryaka’s low latency core.

Features like WAN optimization and security are available on-demand without the need to install additional hardware.

The my-Aryaka web-based portal gives IT managers network-wide visibility for advanced traffic analysis.

Now no matter where your factories and branch offices are located Aryaka has got you covered.