4 events follow up in the new year!

Happy New Year to all our readers! It’s been a few weeks since we executed our Dinner and Drinks technical networking events across four cities in India and our team is still feeling the buzz! The events were very successful with hundreds of business leaders from various industries attending, dozens of breakout sessions and major press coverage.

Ajit Gupta, founder and CEO, described the mood at these sessions:


“A new revolution is underway…companies are aware that there is a smarter way to connect their network. This is becoming their preferred choice of interacting with enterprise technology. The old model of upgrading bandwidth and purchasing appliances is mainstream and fast getting outdated.”


Global business growth, consolidation of network infrastructure and a desire to work smarter is driving global companies to choose Aryaka. We stand out by offering the next generation WAN optimization technology that requires no appliances, no costly MPLS links yet offers the same or better performance in a SaaS-based model.


If you look at today’s modern enterprise, a clear difference can be seen in what technology can do and how companies would like to support their employees. We are becoming more integrated and need to work with our global teams. Companies are moving their data to the cloud but the question is, ‘Are they also implementing a smarter and faster way to get to that cloud?

We need our network infrastructure to scale quickly to accommodate business needs while being cost- effective and simple to manage.

This is what Aryaka has built. It’s an intelligent WAN Optimization network that is high performance, scalable, secure, easy to deploy and less costly.


Fresh from the experience of our continental dash across India, it was heartening to see excitement of our customers and soon-to-be customers.  Our attendees were also very enthused about our in-depth browser-based network-monitoring tool, MyAryaka, and the 24×7 support that are included with the Aryaka platform.


We want to help you work smarter and faster!

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