Aryaka Platform

Aryaka Unified SASE as a Service provides performance, agility, simplicity, and security without trade-offs by converging Wide Area Networking, Security, Observability, and Multi-cloud SaaS and Application Performance into a single platform delivered as a service.

Aryaka OnePASS™

A unified single-pass architecture that enforces policy consistently and without user performance impact across global scale deployments

Aryaka Zero Trust WAN

A global private network backbone that delivers security and performance from the first to the middle to the last mile of the network

Aryaka Services

A comprehensive and integrated set of Unified Policy, Network Security, SD-WAN, App Acceleration, Observability, integration services and 3rd party solutions.

Aryaka Delivery

Flexible delivery options that allow organizations to implement the solution their way, at their pace and to choose from self-managed, co-managed and Aryaka- managed service delivery

Aryaka OnePASS Architecture

A defining feature of the Aryaka Unified SASE as a Service platform is its single-pass architecture that allows enterprises to perform comprehensive inspections and processing, while examining a given data packet only once. The distributed policy enforcement provides superior performance with consistent security.

Aryaka Unified SASE

Aryaka Zero Trust WAN

Aryaka’s global private network provides enterprises with secure, fast and reliable cloud and SaaS access from any location in the world

Aryaka PoPs

Our worldwide Points-of-Presence (PoPs) are located on all six habitable continents and have been strategically located to place end-users with optional optimal access to Cloud, SaaS applications and data centers.

Aryaka PoPs are different from the routing and switching transport PoPs operated by many other providers. Aryaka PoPs not only include these functions but also integrate compute and storage for advanced services. And unlike virtual PoPs by other SASE vendors, Aryaka PoPs integrate Hardware and Software. The same software runs on Aryaka edge appliance, the ANAP.

Presence in Major Business Hubs

Meet regulatory requirements and performance meeds

Low Latency End-to-End

Across First, Middle,
and Last Mile

Cloud-Delivered Services

Network, Security,
and Observability

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Aryaka Network Access Point (ANAP)

Aryaka’s edge appliance portfolio, the Aryaka Network Access Point (ANAP), delivers on a virtualized software-defined edge and branch solution and is an important part of our SD-WAN and SASE as-a-service solution.

The ANAP is included in the services delivery and a key component of our single-pass architecture. The ANAP aggregates multiple WAN connections and provides converged network services including routing, encryption, security, deep packet inspection engine, and traffic management. It also supports redundancy with high-availability configuration options.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Tenancy (VRF)
  • Hybrid WAN Support
  • Zones East-West Firewall, L4-7
  • Deep Packet Inspection Engine
  • Next Gen Virtual Firewall
  • Cloud Security Connectors
  • Hierarchical, Advanced QoS Support
  • Policy-Based Routing
  • Full Redundancy Support (VRRP)
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Aryaka Flexible Delivery

Cloud-based, AI-assisted services delivery | Consumed as a service

Implementation Choice

  • Self-managed
    Configure, provision, monitor, and manage network and security policies via Aryaka’s single web-based portal.
  • Co-managed
    Hand over some aspects to Aryaka or an Aryaka partner and keep others to yourself per your preference.
  • Aryaka-managed
    Leverage Aryaka and we take care as a single point of contact managed services provider.

Delivery Choice

  • Deploy Aryaka Services
    Leverage Aryaka technology and product features for network, security, and observability requirements.
  • Deploy a mix of Aryaka and 3rd party Services
    We meet you where you are for your deployment needs to maximize your existing security footprint investment and experience until you’re ready to migrate to Aryaka.

What We See, You See

MyAryaka provides monitoring, insights, alerting, and reporting in a co-managed, real-time portal

Global Monitoring

Global Monitoring

Alerts and Reporting

Alerts and Reporting

Application Performance and Latency

Application Performance and Latency

Configuration and Management

Configuration and Management

Aryaka Products and Services



Deploy on global core network optimized for cost and performance backed by global SLAs


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Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Connect to hundreds of cloud service providers in minutes


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Security Services

Solutions for both branch and cloud deployments to optimally meet distributed enterprises’ security requirements


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Managed Firewall

Integrated management of 3rd party firewalls

Aryaka SmartSecure Managed Firewall

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Next-Gen Firewall–Secure Web Gateway, Anti-Malware and IPS

Unified security policies for
both on-premises and remote workers

Aryaka SmartSecure
Anti-Malware and IPS

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Secure Remote Access

Fully managed VPNaaS
for remote and mobile users

Last Mile Services

Global procurement and management for wireline and wireless connectivity

Professional Services

Aryaka Day 0 services for 3rd party manage Firewall. Aryaka SmartHands to help with installation and activation

Bringing It All Together

Aryaka Unified SASE

Visibility and Control with Integrated AppAssure

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Aryaka Unified SASE

Global Core Network

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Aryaka Unified SASE

Multi-Cloud and SaaS Connectivity

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Aryaka Unified SASE

Unified Security Policy with Distributed Enforcement

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