Aryaka and the Future of the Cloud

In a recent blog post by Mike Vizard of IT Business Edge, the issue of the Wide Area Network (WAN) as the weakest link in the global supply chain and the role of WAN Optimization was discussed.

“With the advent of cloud computing, there is an assumption that we should see a great leap forward in globalization. After all, if we reduce the time it takes to set up IT infrastructure, the more readily we can create applications that can span the globe. The problem with that theory is that the wide area network (WAN) is the weakest link in the global supply chain. While there may be plenty of available bandwidth in the U.S., the fact remains that network bandwidth in many countries around the world is both limited and expensive. In order to make cloud computing a global reality, we’re going to need better approaches to WAN optimization.”

This is the exact premise behind Aryaka. The last few decades have seen globalization on a mass scale, from the birth and growth of multinational corporations with global offices distributed throughout the world’s major metros, to the role of globalization for small businesses using emerging technology as a marketing and sales channel to increase sales and grow overseas. As the development of cloud computing and the idea of a global cloud gains importance, WAN Optimization becomes even more critical. To fully optimize the enterprise value of the cloud, WAN Optimization itself will need to be transitioned into a cloud-based service, an area where Aryaka has quickly achieved recognition.

The costs and complexities associated with traditional WAN Optimization solutions presents a formidable barrier to many IT organizations, but as the article states, “As WAN optimization becomes a service, however, Aryaka CEO Ajit Gupta says the cost barriers to adoption start to fall away, which in turn should enable IT organizations to take a more global approach to rolling out applications.

Here’s to fixing the WAN’s title as “the weakest link” in the global cloud in 2011!

Have you had issues with global WAN roll-outs which couldn’t achieve their objective because of the lack of available WAN Optimization solutions? Let us know in the comments below.