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Aryaka’s Founder and CTO talks to Chris Talbot about the Next-Generation WAN

Aryaka’s Founder and CTO, Ashwath Nagaraj, recently spoke with Christ Talbot, from FierceEnterpriseCommunications, about how the company solves latency and application response-time issues with technology that is beyond conventional hybrid WANs. Chris highlights that, as most hybrid WAN players talk about replacing MPLS (in part or in whole) with Internet broadband, Aryaka advocates a new […]

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Tyranny of the Legacy Networks: Why your enterprise WAN should break free

We’ve all read stories on how the Internet is changing business. Because of the Internet, we can interact with people an ocean away as easily as talking to a neighbor. We can buy and sell in a truly global market, and trends that start in tiny backwaters can explode almost overnight to captivate the entire […]

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ONE Network for the Hybrid WAN

Enterprises are evolving and so is the WAN. With globalization and cloud adoption being the two megatrends affecting network architectures today, CIOs are discussing hybrid WAN initiatives with their teams. Most global businesses use MPLS for their primary application traffic and use Internet links as both backup to their MPLS network and as primary links […]

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MPLS and Aryaka Together – A Refined Global WAN Service

In a prior blog post, we looked at what an enterprise IT manager who isn’t necessarily yet ready to completely give up his/her MPLS network might do to build a hybrid WAN architecture combining MPLS and our WAN Optimization as-a-Service. They could use MPLS exclusively within a region like North America or continental Europe, while […]

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MPLS and Aryaka – A Simple Approach to Building Hybrid WANs

IT managers facing WAN bandwidth or performance challenges are starting to look beyond their private MPLS networks for longer term solutions, especially as reliable, high performance access to SaaS and public cloud-based services becomes more important. Aryaka’s WAN Optimization-as-a-Service solution, combines multi-tenant, purpose-built WAN Optimization technology with enterprise-grade connectivity via a dedicated, reliable core network based on […]

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