How Aryaka Optimizes WAN Traffic with Fewer Application Acceleration Proxies
In my last blog, I discussed why application proxies are becoming less frequently used in the WAN Optimization space today. To recap, the NUMBER ONE reason that technology has largely moved away from the “Layer-7 Proxy” model[...]
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5 Reasons Why WAN Optimization Has Evolved Beyond Application Proxies
Understanding Application Proxies An Application Proxy was a piece of software that was inserted into the middle of an application data stream (generally operating between layers 4 -7 of the OSI model) as a shim to “fix”[...]
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Why Cloud Networking Solutions from Traditional CDN Vendors Won’t Work
EVP, and Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan, Dan Rayburn, in his recent blog, talked about how traditional CDN vendors are looking at the larger WAN market, and are introducing cloud networking solutions for global businesses. Dan[...]
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