Job Title: Director – Information Technology
Location: San Mateo, CA (HQ)


Aryaka’s Director of Information Technology provides the vision and leadership for designing, developing and implementing IT initiatives that create customer and/or business value. Responsibilities include influencing and directing the Company’s IT infrastructure and applications evolution to ensure key business strategies and processes are driven by systems that enable change, growth and flexibility. The Director must ensure our IT infrastructure is reliable, secure, cost efficient, and strategically sound, reflecting business needs and best practice in creating value for the company and our customers.


Lead, develop and implement IT initiatives that enable the Company to compete more vigorously and more profitably in a constantly changing and demanding marketplace.
Translates the company vision into IT systems and procedures, articulating this critical link to the company stakeholders including the Executive Team, IT staff and employees.
Manage, motivate, and develop all staff within the IT group. Ensure the organizational structure is appropriate for supporting Aryaka’s current and future business needs. Recruit appropriate talent.
Be viewed as a critical voice among the Operating Team, driving cross-functional collaboration through the IT team.
Participate actively with the Operating Team to ensure our systems environment addresses the needs of the business.


Lead and coordinate development of our infrastructure to ensure key business strategies and processes are supported by systems that enable growth and flexibility.
Develop plans and budgets in light of internal work needs and operating units’ approved projects.
Oversee analysis and evaluation of staffing requirements to fulfill business requirements including directing the evaluation of make vs. buy decisions as they relate to outsourcing vs. in-house provisioning and identifying and developing strategic partnerships with key IT suppliers, licenses and contracts, vendors and consultant organizations.
Translate business needs into system solutions making maximum use of available tools while ensuring longer term supportability of the architecture.


Ensure availability of necessary application systems to support business and operation needs.
Develop IT policies and procedures on a basis for ensuring consistency in standards and leveraging of common systems.
Establish and measure IT performance relative to cost, value creation and customer satisfaction in the key areas of operating systems, telecommunications, network management and desktop support.
Lead and coordinate selection, installation, operation, support, and maintenance of our information technology infrastructure (i.e. operating systems, applications, networks, telecommunications, hardware, and peripherals).
Optimize our return on our IT investment by acquiring cost-justified IT components, as measured by performance, support availability, price, upgradeability, and future industry trends.
Protect the company and its operations against IT risks, including unauthorized access to information, data integrity problems, loss of processing capability, and poor service levels.
Set office automation standards within the company and oversee acquisition, deployment, and support of office support systems.
Ensure the IT infrastructure is successfully exploited to achieve continuous improvement and competitive advantage by identifying needs and, developing and providing appropriate training and support for all users.
Cooperate with operating units in conceptualizing, developing, and launching technology based products and services.


  • Education: 4-year college degree, MBA desired

  • Experience: 5+ years of IT Management experience in a progressive web development environment.
    10+ years of total IT experience including computer operations management, multiple roles in systems implementation, supervision of technical personnel, architecture, security/compliance, business-wide strategic planning and budgetary responsibility.
    Well-rounded business background with a broad understanding of research and development, marketing, and financials; a Profit and loss (P&L) orientation.
    Verifiable track record of effective leadership which includes strong strategic thinking and successful execution with technical and intellectual resources.
    Ability to establish immediate credibility at all levels, inside and outside the organization.

  • Technical Skills / Technical Environment:

    Experience with multiple software development methodologies including Waterfall and Agile.
    Understanding of and experience with the full Software Development Life Cycle.
    Knowledge of source control management and automated testing concepts.


  • Individual performance to job description.
  • Leadership abilities and qualities.
  • Fiscal responsibility to company and projects.
  • Service Excellence/internal customers.
  • Goal attainment as set forward by manager.

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Subject Line: Director – Information Technology