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Company Profile

Global Skills Development
Company Size:
1,000-5,000 Employees
Headquarters: London, UK

“Our colleagues around the world were able to load their files to SharePoint three times faster, we experienced a 200x reduction in the time to open 10MB SharePoint files, and saw three times improvement in the time taken to upload 10MB files to OneDrive. We look at Aryaka as the only SD-WAN for Office 365.”

Alan Crawford,
CIO, City & Guilds Group

City & Guilds Accelerates
Office 365 Performance
with Aryaka SmartCONNECT

The Challenge

The City & Guilds Group is a leader in global skills development, working with education providers, employers and governments in over 100 countries to help shape skills systems and support employee development. When their users started to have connectivity and access issues with Office365 applications, delays started to impact global productivity

The City & Guilds Group’s initial reaction was to reach out to its networking provider, who deployed their secure and private connection to the Microsoft Cloud via Azure Express Route. It was critical to resolve the issue as access times and latency were clearly impacting Office 365’s ability to support collaboration worldwide. Recommended fixes such as geo-replication and moving data physically closer to New Zealand were not practical – particularly as the core issue faced was network performance. The Group couldn’t afford to wait, so they needed to find a solution quickly to accelerate their applications globally


City & Guilds Group enhances Office 365 user experience with Aryaka’s SmartCONNECT



City & Guilds Accelerates Office 365 Performance with Aryaka SmartCONNECT

The Solution

After considering Internet-based SD-WAN offerings the City & Guilds Group opted for Aryaka’s SmartCONNECT, which delivers application acceleration to any device and any application through Aryaka’s global private network with built-in WAN Optimization and SD-WAN technology. Compared to MPLS that can take weeks or even months to deploy, Aryaka’s network was deployed and activated within days.

Aryaka impressed the City & Guilds Group its initial responsiveness – shipping a pre-configured, turnkey solution to the group’s Wellington, New Zealand office for rapid deployment. Immediate benefits included the ability to load files to SharePoint 3x faster, a 200x reduction in the time needed to open 10MB SharePoint files, as well as being able to upload 10MB files to OneDrive 3x faster. For New Zealand the user, experience improved significantly, removing previous Office365 performance issues, and encouraging collaboration.

Some examples of the application performance improvements they experienced are listed below:

Office 365 Application Performance Legacy Network Infrastructure Aryaka Global SD-WAN
Load 10MB file to SharePoint 37.31 seconds 12.88 seconds
Open 10MB SharePoint file 9.87 seconds 0.05 seconds
Upload 10MB file to OneDrive 36.72 seconds 12.30 seconds
Send 1MB Email attachment 28.16 seconds 03.74 seconds
Send 10MB Email attachment 23.71 seconds 08.11 seconds
Open Shared Calendar 05.24 seconds 01.91 seconds


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