Aryaka’s global private network provides the world’s business users with fast and reliable cloud and SaaS access from any location in the world. Our worldwide Points of Presence (PoPs) are located on all six habitable continents, and have been strategically located to place all end-users with access to SaaS applications and data centers as if they lived on their own desktop.


Points of Presence (PoP) Locations Around the World


San Jose, CA, USA
Dallas, TX, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Miami, FL, USA
Ashburn, VA, USA
Seattle, WA, USA
Toronto, ON, CA

Sao Palo, Brazil


Sydney, Australia

Beijing, China
Hong Kong, China
Shanghai, China

Delhi, India
Bangalore, India
Chennai, India
Mumbai, India

Taipei, Taiwan
Tokyo, Japan
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Seoul, Korea


London, England
Tel Aviv, Israel
Frankfurt, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Johannesburg, South Africa