Software-Defined WAN as-a-Service Provider releases comprehensive report on current global enterprise WAN trends

Aryaka®, the leading WAN as-a-Service company, has released the 2015 State of the Enterprise WAN report. This year’s report investigates trends impacting application performance over the WAN, which includes everything from the continued rise in enterprise bandwidth demand to improving last-mile investments in APAC to cloud usage trends and more.

“At Aryaka, we have built a software-defined optimized WAN that connects thousands of customer sites across multiple verticals. The traffic on our network gives us unique visibility into factors that impact the performance of the enterprise WAN,” said Ashwath Nagaraj, Chief Technology Officer at Aryaka Networks.

The 2015 State of the Enterprise WAN Report offers a deep dive into this information. The report discusses key factors impacting the evolution of the enterprise WAN, including the ongoing migration of applications to the cloud, the limitations of the public internet over long distances, and the impact of networking problems on application performance. It also highlights the need for a quick-to-deploy and fully managed optimized SD-WAN solution.

In addition to what was covered in the 2014 report, the 2015 State of the Enterprise WAN Report highlights the spike in bandwidth demand in both mature and high-growth economies, improvements in regional Internet quality, surging network traffic across multiple application protocols, and cloud adoption rates across geographies and verticals.

Some key findings covered in the 2015 State of the Enterprise WAN Report include:

  • Global enterprise traffic grew at a mean rate of 236%.
  • The software vertical saw the highest growth in bandwidth demand, with demand more than doubling compared to last year. Manufacturing, Computer Hardware, and Financial companies also saw a huge surge in bandwidth demand.
  • We observed regional Internet bandwidth improving globally. Data shows that 67% of our customers use a high-speed Internet link (greater than or equal to 10 Mbps) for their last mile. Compared to last year, APAC has seen a substantial growth in very-high-speed WAN links, even surpassing EMEA and the global average. A full 21% of APAC sites have links >20 Mbps, up from 14% last year.
  • HTTP traffic continues to dominate – pointing towards heavy cloud adoption rates. 88% of our enterprise customers send HTTP traffic over the WAN, while 80% of them send HTTPS.
  • Many protocols, including CIFS, HTTP, IMAP, and MSSQL, can see bandwidth usage savings of 50% or more with the right optimization technologies in place. Data reduction can help enterprises keep up with skyrocketing bandwidth demands, at least in the short term. In the longer term, more advanced, unified approaches will be needed.
  • Enterprises typically see less than 0.25% packet loss over the last-mile link, even in places like China and India. The global median packet loss is a mere 0.04%. However, this is only for last-mile links. Over longer distances, the public Internet is far from business-grade, since network problems in the middle mile tend to kill application performance.

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