AltoRoutes’ partnership with Aryaka will provide its customer base with Software-Defined WAN as-a-Service, App Acceleration, and CDN Services at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions

Aryaka®, the leading WAN as-a-Service company, announced today that AltoRoutes, a cloud network and application system integrator with operational focus across all of EMEA, has joined Aryaka’s Fusion Partner program to enhance its portfolio of enterprise networking services.

The partnership with Aryaka provides AltoRoutes’ customers with a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) alternative to traditional enterprise long-haul private networking solutions, such as MPLS. Since Aryaka’s WAN as-a-Service portfolio is delivered as an on-demand, cloud-based service, enterprises that must quickly connect to a branch office, a remote partner site, or to cloud services hosted in distant datacenters can now deploy a high-speed, private, and optimized business-class connection within minutes or hours, rather than weeks or months, as with traditional solutions.

“AltoRoutes’ mission is to provide the best hybrid-cloud experience for our customers, and as more mission-critical enterprise applications move to the cloud, some businesses are finding that traditional enterprise networking and optimization solutions are not a good fit,” said Roi Shillo, CEO of AltoRoutes. “As a result, knowledge workers must often access cloud apps over the congested public Internet, leading to a drop in productivity and lower ROI.”

As the importance of site-to-site traffic gives way to an any-to-any connectivity and collaboration model, enterprises are discovering that traditional private-line solutions, such as MPLS, are far too expensive to keep up with cloud and mobility trends. At the same time, knowledge workers have become accustomed to LAN speeds when accessing apps. The congested public Internet can simply not offer the same performance.

Aryaka’s SD-WAN as-a-Service provides enterprises with a global, private, optimized fast lane to the cloud. Aryaka’s solution combines web application proxies, multi-segment TCP optimization, enterprise-grade connectivity utilizing a dedicated reliable core network, globally distributed points of presence (POPs), and centralized WAN and application-layer visibility – all in a no CapEx monthly service.

Aryaka and AltoRoutes have also partnered with major cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, to ensure that enterprise knowledge workers can access all of their important cloud-based apps at LAN-like speeds. And since 90 percent of the world’s enterprise users are within 30 milliseconds of an Aryaka POP, network managers can ensure fast access to cloud applications by connecting to Aryaka’s global network via a business-grade internet circuit, which AltoRoutes can typically help them provision within a matter of hours.

“We’re excited to welcome AltoRoutes into our Fusion Partner program,” said Mark Fogel, VP of Global Service Provider Alliances for Aryaka. “As cloud computing and globalization fundamentally change how knowledge workers access important data and applications, enterprises need a WAN solution tailored to their needs, one that is fast to deploy, affordable to use, and simple to maintain and manage. Aryaka’s cloud-based SD-WAN, application acceleration, and CDN services offer all of this via an on-demand delivery model, with no expensive equipment purchases, lengthy contract requirements, or complicated management and maintenance burdens. Our partnership with AltoRoutes will help us expand our presence within this strategically important region.”

Aryaka Fusion Partner joint customers receive immediate access to a global optimized infrastructure for real-time collaboration among geographically distributed teams. Fusion Partners also receive data protection for replication, backup, and disaster recovery, as well as integrated access to cloud services and built-in acceleration of web, cloud and IP applications. For learn more about the Fusion Partner Program, please visit:

About AltoRoutes

AltoRoutes Ltd. is a cloud system integration company with extensive telecom and WAN capabilities. Our customers are putting some of their most strategic workloads in the public cloud, and are using private links for network connectivity in order to preserve high security levels and throughput. We provide this unique blend of cloud and telecom technical consulting services at an enterprise grade.

At AltoRoutes we understand the challenges tied to cloud computing and network integration, and we work to remove the complexity and simplify the end-to-end experience. We offer a complete, packaged approach from software and network infrastructure to assessment, design, implementation, and finally day-to-day monitoring and management.

AltoRoutes, as a Regional Hybrid Cloud Expert, provides such services as Disaster Recovery as-a-Service, SaaS for Enterprise users, Hybrid Storage Solution and Fast Trading solutions.

AltoRoutes Media Contact:

Roi Shillo
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About Aryaka

Aryaka, the pioneer of WAN as-a-Service, delivers network optimization and application acceleration for the global enterprise, for better collaboration, communication, and business productivity. Aryaka eliminates the need for costly WAN appliances and long-haul private links. Aryaka’s groundbreaking WAN Optimization as-a-Service accelerates any application to any location and provides organizations with an affordable, optimized, and fully meshed network to access on-premises applications, as well as cloud services. Aryaka’s Application Delivery as-a-Service enables globally distributed employees, customers, partners, and mobile end users to quickly access centralized enterprise applications and public-facing web resources from anywhere in the world. All services provide end-to-end visibility with 24×7 world-class support. To learn more, visit Follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and LinkedIn.