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SD-WAN Security Platform

The only enterprise-grade security platform built on a global private network

Global Private Network:
The Security Foundation for Your Enterprise

Private, Controlled, Secure Network for Your Sensitive Data and Mission-Critical Applications

Aryaka’s Private Layer 2
Global Private Network-Based SD-WAN

Global Private Network-Based SD-WAN

Internet/DIA-Based SD-WAN

Internet-Based SD-WAN Network

Aryaka's global private network provides enterprises with an essential level of security, ensuring that business-critical application traffic is not exposed to the public Internet, and does not have entry points that can be exploited by threats.

Compartmentalized Network and
Dedicated Bandwidth with Full Multi-Tenancy

With Aryaka's global private network, enterprises have their data and applications traversing dedicated and secure communication channels, that are encrypted and exclusive to their business. The network is completely closed so that no entry point is visible to the public and any external threats.

Aryaka’s Private Layer 2
Global Private Network-Based SD-WAN

Dedicated Bandwidth for Enterprise with Aryaka’s SD-WAN

Compartmentalized Layer 2 Network and Dedicated Bandwidth for Your Enterprise Only

Internet/DIA-Based SD-WAN

Enterprise Traffic Mixed with Internet-Based SD-WAN

Layer 3 Public Internet Streams:
Enterprise Traffic Mixed

Advanced, Built-In DDoS Protection

Aryaka’s network is fortified with industrial-grade security measures including DDoS attack protection using hybrid cloud attack mitigation.

Aryaka has partnered with Radware to provide DDoS protection with patented behavioral-based detection to safeguard legitimate traffic and real-time signature detection for zero-day attacks.

The company's hybrid DDoS protection integrates always-on detection and mitigation (on-premises or in the cloud) with cloud-based volumetric DDoS attack prevention, scrubbing, and 24x7 Emergency Response Team (ERT) support.


Aryaka’s Private Layer 2
Global Private Network-Based SD-WAN

Private Network Traffic with DDoS Protection

Private Network Traffic with
DDoS Protection

Network Edge Security for All Global Locations

Protect Global Locations with Network Edge Security

The network edge is often the first line of defense. Aryaka provides advanced perimeter security solutions that are built into its SD-WAN appliance [ANAP].

The ANAP includes a virtual stateful firewall that delivers an additional layer of protection with an on-premises next-generation firewall. The ANAP also provides a simplified insertion model with features that also condition the last mile against packet loss and latency.

Aryaka has also partnered with Palo Alto Networks and Zscaler to provide an additional layer of protection that is integrated into Aryaka's PASSPORT platform.

Advanced network edge security could be deployed using on-premises appliances from Palo Alto Networks or from the cloud by using Zscaler Cloud or Palo Alto Networks GPCS.

Together, Aryaka's global private network, and Palo Alto Networks' Next-Generation Firewall, and Zscaler's cloud security protects and classifies all traffic, including encrypted traffic, based on application, functionality, users, and content. Enterprises of any size can create comprehensive, precise security policies, resulting in safe deployment of any application, anywhere in the world.

Cloud Security for Internet Traffic

Aryaka provides an advanced layer of cloud security for Internet traffic through partnerships with Palo Alto Networks Global Protect Cloud Services and Zscaler Cloud Security.

Cloud Security for Internet Traffic with Aryaka

The combined solution does not require additional on-premises hardware, appliances, or software, and is easy and cost-effective to deploy and manage.

Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect™ Cloud Service extends the protection of its next-generation security platform by leveraging a cloud-based security infrastructure for global enterprises to create and deploy consistent security policies across the entire organization.

Symantec Web Security Services ensures a full suite of threat protection and prevention applied to enterprise traffic from each site. Businesses enjoy direct Internet and cloud access with a consistent security layer without having to deploy separate technologies at each location.

Zscaler Cloud Firewall enables fast and secure local internet breakouts for all ports and protocols, without appliances, and brings the entire security stack closer to ensure identical protection anywhere in the world.

Virtual Firewall Protection for Cloud Services

For enterprises with heavy deployments of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Aryaka has partnered with Palo Alto Networks to provide an additional layer of security hosted in cloud computing environments to protect data and applications hosted in cloud instances.

Aryaka as Virtual Firewall for Cloud Services

MyAryaka: Early Warning Visibility Portal

MyAryaka Portal for Early Warning Visibility

Since all enterprise traffic goes through Aryaka's global private network, including all on-premises and cloud applications, The MyAryaka portal provides unique visibility into all global users’ and locations’ network and application traffic.

Aryaka enables IT for the first time to see holistic and specific data on all connections, applications, users, and locations globally, along with deep insight into both legit and suspicious network and application user activity. This provides an early warning system for IT to potentially pinpoint, identify, and stop security threats before they become massive issues. This is particularly useful for zero-day vulnerabilities and attacks that can sometimes evade certain security controls.

For example, an IT manager can see hundreds of connections from one or two regions with 0k or 1k traffic. Identifying as a potential beginning of a DDoS attack. This gives IT an opportunity to examine these endpoints for malware, clean them, and stop DDoS attack at the origination point before it even hits global communication channels, costing company business disruption, and additional expenses.

Multi-Vendor vs. Single Vendor Security Model

The best practices in enterprise security include a defense-in-depth, multi-layer protection model, where each layer provides protection from a specific set of vulnerabilities and threats. By deploying best-in-class security solutions from different vendors, enterprises significantly reduce the risk associated with one of the layers being potentially penetrated.

Alternatively, a solution comprised from multiple layers of security provided by the same vendor can cause a significant risk to an enterprise. In case of vulnerability found with that vendor technology, all security layers become vulnerable deeming the security measures ineffective and exposing the enterprise to unnecessary risks.

Multi-Vendor Security Model

Aryaka’s Multi-Vendor Security Model

Single Vendor Security Model

Single-Vendor Security Model

Certifications and Documentation

Aryaka maintains a robust security program that meets internationally accepted security practices.

  • SOC 1: SSAE-16 and SOC 2: SSAE-16 Reports against Aryaka’s policies and processes
  • Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM)
  • Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ)
  • ISO27001
  • Third party network scan reports available within 48 hours upon request
  • Customer penetration testing
AICPA Certificate for Aryaka

Aryaka Passport Security Partners


As a key component of the integration, Aryaka and Palo Alto Networks provide enterprises with industrial-grade security, including on-premises, cloud-based, and many other cloud service model.


Aryaka and Radware partner to deliver best-in-class DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack detection and mitigation through Aryaka’s private network for their global enterprise customers.


The Aryaka edge device (ANAP) can seamlessly forward all Internet and cloud-bound traffic directly to the Zscaler cloud. Zscaler provides advanced security controls needed for this traffic, such as threat protection, data protection and access control capabilities.


Aryaka and Symantec ensure multi-layer protection is in place whether mission-critical resources are in the cloud or on-premises, using software-defined Layer 2 core and best-in-class cloud security.

Get Enterprise-Grade Security & Application
Acceleration for Your Global Business

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Aryaka and Zscaler have partnered to deliver a solution that combines Aryaka’s global cloud-native private connectivity, with built in WAN Optimization, SD-WAN functionality and application acceleration capabilities — with Zscaler’s advanced cloud security platform.



Together, Aryaka and Palo Alto, deliver abest-of-breed SD-WAN and security platform for enterprises accessing mission-critical internally hosted applications as well as those going directly to the Internet for accessing cloud applications

Aryaka’s ASSET


Aryaka’s global SD-WAN provides fast, reliable, secure, and scalable connectivity, and application acceleration to globally distributed enterprises.