Do you need flexibility from your security architecture when it comes to Secure Internet Access?

Aryaka provides choice for heavy branch, thin branch and remote users to ensure an optimal security posture for organization.

Customer Challenges

Enterprises adopting a cloud-first posture and moving away from traditional hub-and-spoke architectures
require a secure and high-performance connection to the public internet.


Legacy architectures including MPLS are not cloud-native and add additional complexity and cost.


Traditional edge solutions require additional hardware and software and don’t offer connection flexibility.


Aryaka’s secure internet access solution offers enterprises the best combination of internet connectivity and transport across the Aryaka middle mile. A flexible architecture that includes a virtual NGFW at the edge, handoffs to existing cloud security gateways, and Aryaka’s Secure Web Gateway delivers the required flexibility for any enterprise WAN deployment.

Virtual firewalls on Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN CPE, the ANAP, leverage partnerships with both Check Point and Palo Alto Networks, ideal where an on-premises solution is mandated. Alternatively, advanced cloud security consisting of threat prevention, data protection, and access control is enabled through our partners Zscaler, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Symantec, and Check Point. A third option leverages Aryaka’s new SWG capabilities deployed globally on our services PoPs. Here, all traffic benefits from Aryaka’s sophisticated last-mile optimization. Aryaka Secure Web Gateway includes internet firewall, URL-filtering, anti-virus and malware scanning, full/bypass SSL inspection and access control with sandboxing, DNS Security and IDS/IPS being added soon. This in addition to the best-in-class security across the Aryaka private core and at Aryaka’s managed CPE, the ANAP.

Aryaka’s secure internet access solution


Secure Internet Access - Application Acceleration

Application Acceleration

Experience fast access to mission and business critical applications hosted locally or in the cloud, from both branches and remote offices.

Secure Internet Access - Advanced Security and Centralized Management

Advanced Security and Centralized Management

Deliver comprehensive security and data protection for enterprise and web traffic, coupled with central definition and enforcement of security and access policies.

Secure Internet Access - Visibility


Enjoy complete visibility on application usage and performance across both the Aryaka and cloud security services.

Secure Internet Access - Reduced Hardware Footprint

Reduced Hardware Footprint

Eliminate the need for additional security and optimization appliances with HybridWAN capabilities to connect to both the Aryaka core as well as to cloud security gateways.

Secure Internet Access - Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Configure, deploy, and activate new sites in days instead of weeks or months, positively impacting enterprise productivity.

Secure Internet Access - White-Glove Services Experience

“White-Glove” Services Experience

An unequalled customer support experience based on a virtuous cycle of people, processes, and technology is combined with end-to-end performance SLAs.

HMS HOST - Testimony
  • " We’re using the Aryaka managed solution to successfully interconnect our near and far-flung locations. Aryaka delivers the global and cloud application performance and support we need in order to deliver a top-notch experience for our associates and guests. Building on our success, we’re excited about Aryaka’s new SASE offerings."

    - Ard-Jan van Amerongen, International IT Security Director at HMSHost International
Aryaka Secure Web Gateway

Aryaka Secure Web Gateway

Deploy Secure Web Gateway for Protection from Web Threats as part of Unified SASE

the cloud connectivity ebook

The Cloud Connectivity Cookbook

Cloud technology and network connectivity are like hamburgers and fries. Always better when served together.

Remote Worker Use Case Demo Aryaka Private Access and Secure Web Gateway

Remote Worker Use Case Demo Aryaka Private Access and Secure Web Gateway