Site-to-site Connectivity


Site-to-cloud Connectivity



Global Connectivity


Fast Network Connectivity To Cloud Services and Global Branch Offices

Benefit from consistently low latencies and negligible packet loss when connecting to SaaS applications, PaaS/IaaS platforms, and branch offices over Aryaka’s global network


Branch Office Connectivity in less than 48 hours

Deploy branch office network connectivity in only 8 to 48 hours, compared to the weeks or months it takes with MPLS

Network Management


Reduced Network Management and Maintenance Hassles

Aryaka’s fully managed service allows you to function with a smaller IT team, and avoid deployment, maintenance and upgrade hassles associated with legacy network technologies


Network and Application Visiblity

End-to-end, transparent view into the performance of the network and application using the MyAryaka™ customer portal

The key to the long-term success of any company is its ability to continuously nurture and enhance the value of its products and/or services to its customers. As such, Frost & Sullivan is excited to recognize Aryaka for its industry-leading focus on improving customer experience and customer ROI with its network optimization solutions.

Krishna Srinivasan, Global President & Managing Partner | Frost & Sullivan.

Global POP Footprint
  • Delivers enhanced cloud/SaaS application performance by integrating Aryaka’s connectivity platform with the customer’s VPN
  • Azure ExpressRoute partner with Microsoft and Direct Connect relationship with Amazon Web Services

Why should you care?
The performance of cloud/SaaS applications suffers globally due to the shortcomings of the congested public Internet, such as high packet loss, inconsistent latencies, and high jitter while accessing these resources.

The Aryaka Difference
Benefit from direct private connectivity to cloud/SaaS applications over Aryaka’s global provate network, resulting in a seamless end-user experience and improved business productivity.

  • Enables business traffic to ride over an enterprise-grade network on the middle mile
  • Provides consistent latencies and negligible packet loss to deliver predictable application performance to global users

Why should you care?
As a publicly shared medium of communication, the Internet is extremely congested, resulting in packet loss and fluctuating latencies, and delivering lackluster performance while accessing cloud services or SaaS applications globally.

The Aryaka Difference
Experience faster and more consistent application performance over Aryaka’s global private network, which almost eliminates congestion and packet loss by bypassing the unreliable public Internet.

  • Provides enterprises with Link Aggregation and enables Load Balancing, Path Selection, Single and Dual Link Packet Loss Recovery with proprietary error correction algorithms.
  • Converges an enterprise’s WAN edge functionality at the branch and includes cloud and VPN connectivity, routing, firewall, QoS and application level control in a single customer premise equipment (CPE).

Why should you care?
Businesses need to be able to deploy an Internet link at the edge without having to compromise on application performance. In this regard, edge intelligence is important to address and reduce the complexity of network operations at branch offices.

The Aryaka Difference
Aryaka’s Smart Link technology combined with the global private network and QoS, provides dramatic performance improvements especially for voice, video and real-time traffic. Smart Edge drastically simplifies network management at the customer branch.

  • TCP Optimization techniques like Window Scaling, Selective Acknowledgement, TCP Termination, Fast Connection Setup and more, supercharges TCP apps for faster delivery
  • Reduces congestion-based packet loss problems in the middle-mile, to deliver faster performance compared to existing IP-VPN and MPLS solutions

Why should you care?
The “chatty” TCP protocol was designed to prioritize the integrity of data, rather than the speed of data transfer. As a result, and a large part of the bandwidth is utilized by redundant data, thereby adversely affecting application performance.

The Aryaka Difference
Aryaka’s proprietary TCP optimization technology, including congestion control algorithms and traffic aggregation intelligence across the network, makes the most optimal use of network bandwidth to deliver fast application performance even across long distances.

  • Limits bandwidth hogging by non-critical traffic, and enables effective transportation of voice, video, real-time apps and other mission-critical traffic
  • Intelligently prioritizes different types of traffic across five levels, based on several factors such as latency sensitivity, application type and pre-set service levels by individual customers

Why should you care?
Different application flows vary in their requirement for bandwidth and tolerance for latency and packet loss. QoS is intended to segregate such types of traffic and process each type differently, depending on settings maintained by the customer.

The Aryaka Difference
Aryaka’s single vendor QoS solution delivers enhanced performance for prioritized traffic and ensures that implementation of QoS is consistent and uniform across all applications and locations, when compared to other, symmetric-WOC-based implementations.

  • Requires fewer IT resources, saves cost, and reduces complexity
  • Single Vendor Solution along with end-to-end monitoring and 24x7 CCIE-level support

Why should you care?
Network operations in a typical branch office can be fairly time consuming and resource intensive. Enterprises often rely on multiple vendors for their different branch office use cases, which is often a drain on time and resources.

The Aryaka Difference
Benefit from 24x7x365 CCIE engineer level support and a SaaS based visibility portal along with an enterprise grade network and application acceleration. Aryaka also offers a single vendor solution that deals with all aspects of the customer’s network.


All Aryaka solutions include global access to the web-based MyAryakaTM portal. The MyAryakaTM customer portal offers deep, end-to-end network and application visibility for your business.

  • Application-aware network performance tool
  • Advanced traffic analysis and granular views
  • Network configuration, performance and health in real-time
  • Network utilization and application performance

IP-VPN is plagued with high latency and packet loss, resulting in poor network and application performance for businesses with globally distributed branch offices.

Aryaka’s global private network bypasses the congested public Internet to deliver consistently low latencies and down to zero percent packet loss even on long-haul international links, significantly improving application performance.

MPLS technology is prohibitively expensive, and typically takes 60 to 120 days to deploy, and offers zero visibility into network performance.

Aryaka’s cost-effective global connectivity solution is deployed in only 8 to 48 hours, offering end-to-end network and application performance monitoring using the MyAryaka™ visibility portal.


File transfers are much faster, our PLM application is reliable, and our cloud-based SAP Business ByDesign ERP performance has increased significantly. Aryaka is helping us uphold our brand by giving us the solution we need to not only respond to customer demand, but to also improve business productivity.”

Yohan Beghein | Senior Network Engineer at Skullcandy

Before we implemented Aryaka, I would routinely get phone calls in the middle of the night because our China facility was having issues accessing applications over our WAN connection. Since we implemented Aryaka, we haven’t had one call about poor performance or the inability to get to applications.”

Sean Tierney | IT Senior Infrastructure Architect, Henny Penny Corporation

Aryaka is easily the best solution in the market and offers superior support. Adding new sites was easy and we now have 4 sites with plans to add more. Keep up the good work guys.”

Huw Bamford | Head of IT at World Transport Agency