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Fast Delivery of SaaS and Web Applications

Significantly improved performance for dynamic, bi-directional, and personalized content


Deployment in Only Hours

Simple CNAME change enables DNS redirection to closest Aryaka POP


Guaranteed Availability

Enterprise-grade private network with link and POP redundancy that guarantees up to 100% network uptime


Content Security and DDoS Mitigation

Intelligent edge proxies determine invalid attack requests and absorb multiple DDoS attacks at the edge server to free cache resources quickly.


Sign up for a free trial to evaluate Aryaka's Web App Acceleration solution. We can run a third-party test to show you the performance improvements globally over Aryaka versus the status quo.

MyAryakaPNG *Performance benefits quoted from live customer deployments. The numbers may vary depending on geographies, applications, and use cases.

Aryaka's CDN will extend beyond the origin-to-edge structure offered by traditional CDNs, providing true multi-segment TCP optimization for the first, middle and last mile, with the middle mile taking advantage of Aryaka's private core network. This will enable Aryaka to provide reliable, high performance delivery of both static and dynamic content to all enterprise users, in any location around the world.

Stephen Brown, Director of Marketing | CDNfinder.

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Global POP Footprint
Global Private Network

Aryaka’s global private network is built by aggregating bandwidth from top-tier telcos and consists of 25 globally distributed Points of Presence (POPs).

Why should you care?
The public Internet is a network of networks and frequent traffic handoffs lead to congestion and packet loss on the middle mile, resulting in dismal application performance. As a result, content delivery networks that rely on the Internet lack the performance standards that global enterprises have come to expect.

The Aryaka Difference
Experience superior performance for dynamic, real-time, bi-directional, and personalized enterprise traffic over Aryaka’s global private network, which bypasses the congested public Internet on the middle mile.

Fair Use Caching Policy

Each customer’s cache is managed separately and eviction happens fairly across all customers.

Why should you care?
Traditional CDNs prioritize popular consumer content from large content providers or aggregators. Enterprise or B2B traffic is thus compromised in terms of cache availability, and does not get the same level of performance.

The Aryaka Difference
Aryaka is focused on the global enterprise. We have a fairness-based caching policy and multi-tenancy, so that all enterprise customers are allocated equal resources on cache. This ensures cache availability and optimal performance for all customers. Industry-standard, third-party tests indicate that we deliver content and applications up to 3 times faster compared to traditional CDNs.

TCP Optimization

Aryaka supercharges TCP applications for faster delivery using techniques like window scaling, selective acknowledgement, TCP termination, and more.

Why should you care?
The “chatty” TCP protocol was designed to prioritize the reliability of data, rather than the speed of data transfer. As a result, a large part of the bandwidth is utilized by redundant transmissions, thereby adversely affecting application performance.

The Aryaka Difference
Aryaka’s proprietary TCP Optimization technology includes congestion control algorithms and traffic aggregation intelligence across the network. This enables the most optimal use of network bandwidth to deliver fast application performance even across long distances.

Data Compression

Aryaka’s service automatically detects and compresses content to make the most out of the subscribed bandwidth, while enhancing application performance.

Why should you care?
When large volumes of content traverse across the network globally, page load rates shoot up, along with total bandwidth consumption. This adversely affects application performance, while raking up costs.

The Aryaka Difference
Aryaka compresses not only static (cacheable content) like CSS and JS, but also dynamic HTML pages that are delivered to single users.

Persistent Connections

Reuses connections between the proxy and the upstream server, accelerating response times and network performance.

Why should you care?
Re-establishing connections frequently between end users and the origin server, especially for "chatty" protocols, results in inefficient bandwidth utilization and poor application performance.

The Aryaka Difference
Aryaka reduces the total number of open connections, thus ensuring that origin servers can receive and respond requests with maximum efficiency.

Large In-Memory Cache and SSD Storage

Solid State Drive (SSD) storage enables faster retrieval of content from cache, when compared to outdated HDD based storage, resulting in faster performance.

Why should you care?
For relatively small content such as CSS, JS, and images, the time to first byte can be a significant factor for the overall delivery time. Content trapped on disk with high seek times can cause significant delays, even if the users are milliseconds from the cache server.

The Aryaka Difference
Aryaka uses modern hardware with large memory and proxies optimized to utilize memory and SSD. Coupled with our design that is focused on small and mid-size objects, our SSD based storage allows for instant responses from Aryaka’s proxies.

MyAryaka Network Visbility portal

All Aryaka solutions include global access to the web-based MyAryakaTM portal. The MyAryakaTM customer portal offers deep, end-to-end network and application visibility for your business.