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Far Out? Not So Fast: The 7 Wonders of the Modern WAN

Five years ago, our friends at CIO magazine published the “Seven Wonders of the IT World,” taking a look at seven of the biggest, most extreme and most unusual computers and projects: Computer closest to the north pole (NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory) Computer farthest from Earth (NASA’s Voyager 1 satellite) World’s most intriguing data […]

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7 Reasons Why Enterprises choose Aryaka

Optimize your Enterprise in the cloud. Remove the cost and complexity of MPLS and WAN appliances! Move from IP-VPN to the next-generation of global connectivity with private links and WAN optimization. Reduce bandwidth costs while optimizing application performance, disaster recovery and integrated cloud access initiatives.

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WAN Optimization and insight into your global network

Do you know which applications are using up your bandwidth and what happens to user data traversing across your global locations? You can now leverage end-to-end network visibility across a dedicated, optimized, intelligent global platform for improved application performance, access to any cloud service, faster data center-to-data center replication and guaranteed disaster recovery.

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Gartner names us 2011 “Cool Vendor”

Gartner named us to their “Cool Vendor for 2011” report! “Why Cool: During the last five years, we have seen WAN optimization explode from a $700 million market in 2006 to an expected $1.9 billion market in 2011, as enterprises derive significant benefits from improved application performance and reduced bandwidth requirements. However, many WAN optimization […]

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Public Clouds and the Latency Challenge

Last week, Patrick Thibodeau from Computerworld published a very interesting article: ‘Cross-ocean clouds gain despite millisecond delays’. When talking about issues that CIO’s have about moving applications to the cloud, writers address the obvious pitfalls – security, control, privacy and legal concerns. Rarely does one find someone acknowledging other, more subtle issues with deploying applications […]

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